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Report: ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Making Room for Jason, Predator, Spawn

I somehow managed to miss some potentially very exciting stories regarding Mortal Kombat X, and specifically the characters we know developer Netherrealm will add to the game’s already impressive roster of fighters following its release next month.

This isn’t breaking news, but what’s strange is that I would stumble upon this story today, mere hours after I finished writing a feature on some horror movie icons I’d like to see in the upcoming game. Look for that to go live tomorrow morning! Now about that news…

If you follow series co-creator Ed Boon on Twitter, you may have noticed some interesting activity on his page. Since as early as July of last year, he’s been sharing images sent to him by fans that tease the possible inclusion of Jason Voorhees and/or the Predator in Mortal Kombat X.

The Predator made an appearance less than a year ago in DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and that made no sense at all, whereas he’s the ideal candidate for a gory fighting game. Adding a modicum of credibility to Predator’s inclusion in the game is a report from VideoGamer that mentions a June 2015 release date for the Predator pack, which they say will also include Colonel Al Dillon.

As for Jason Voorhees, the obvious benefit of his inclusion is that it would go a long way in promoting that Friday the 13th video game we’re supposed to get in October.

None of this can be considered an official confirmation, but it’s all certainly intriguing.

Todd Mcfarlane recently confirmed the possibility that Spawn may also make an appearance. The deal is already in place, so it’s essentially up to Netherrealm to decide whether or not they’re interested in welcoming him to the roster.

“They have access to be able to use [Spawn] in a couple of their games if they want to,” says Mcfarlane. “Again, it’s up to their discretion. So, uh… I gave them a window of time. And, so, I’ll just leave it to them to be able to do what it is that they want. So, eventually they’ll phone me and say ‘Hey. We want to use him here. Is that okay?’ Well, technically it’s okay because we’ve already said yes.” Kind of an odd way to explain it, but there you go.

Mcfarlane’s full interview with GamerFitNation can be found below.

Mortal Kombat X releases on April 14 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Here are our top 5 picks for horror movie characters who should be in Mortal Kombat X!


  • Jonathan Larsson

    I’ll be making backflips of joy if this turns out to be true.
    But I still long for them to include Machete from the Machete films.

    • Mr. Awesome

      It doesn’t even have to be Machete. Just put Danny Trejo in the game.

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  • Adam Palkovits

    Not that I even played CoD:Ghosts, but it does make some sense Predator would be sneaking around a fire fight taking out soldiers, unless thats not how they used him.

    • Conan

      Imagine a WW2 movie with Predator hunting them? 🙂


      All they did was reskin the juggernaut killstreak and make you a predator. They did the same thing with Michael Myers. It wasn’t that great.

  • ToyCollectorsUnited

    We need Freddy also! I want a Freddy vs Jason fight!

  • syroco

    Might as well go all out: Freddy Kruegar, Predator, Al Dillon, Jason Voorhees, Spawn, and perhaps someone from Injustice.

    • Asuma (Scouter)

      my first suggestion is Grundy, but I think it’d be either Superman or Batman they’d pick.

      • Andy Maas

        no dc characters would fit in mk universe

  • Tyler Thomas

    Doesn’t sound too all far fetch. Freddy Kruger made an appearance in Mortal Kombat.

  • Jonny_anonymous

    The only guest character I would ever play is Pinhead, everything else I will ignore.

  • LuJr81

    Sounds pretty cool. All three of them are perfect for a MK game. If you bring Freddy back, make it Robert’s Freddy. Last time they had the remake freddy.

  • Neckbeard The Terrible

    Needs Batman. And, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Pinhead,Leatherface, original Freddy,original Michael Myers,Pyramidhead,The Undertaker,Kane,a Borg,and a Xenomorph.

    • Everything needs more Batman.

      • Zachariah

        Except Injustice. Injustice needs less batman.

        • Asuma (Scouter)

          Inustice has just the right amount of Batman, needs less Deathstroke, or at least remake Deathstroke into swordplay focused with guns as full meter ultimate attacks.

          • Zachariah

            Considering he hogs most cutscenes and you play as him in TWO chapters, no, there is too much batman.

          • Chance LeBoeuf

            Injustice was about one more Batman character away from being called Batman:Injustice.

        • JIMBODAVIS

          Making Batman look as though he had any kind of stance against Superman was definitely Strike 1 and 2 for me story-wise. I know they can’t get too overwhelmed with making a dynasty character out of Superman, but the story was tough to swallow. Superman would slap Batman around like Lebron James playing one-on-one against Gilbert Godfrey.

  • Asuma (Scouter)

    I wouldn’t want them to bury the franchise in guest characters. I say take Spawn, leave out the Predator, and only bring in Jason IF you also bring back Freddy.

    Personally I’d like a DC guest character since Injustice got Scorpion. Grundy would fit in well in the MK Universe, or Raven (although i didn’t care for Raven in Injustice, just saying she’d fit)

  • Nigel Kirk

    WB doesn’t have the rights to the use Jason, so that’ll very likely be a no go anytime soon. I think Spawn would be perfect though. We’ll see.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Spawn would be an amazing character to have in the game.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I really, really hope the Jason rumor is true.

  • Andy Maas

    i think for haloween we should get jason for free for mkx and a zombie skink pack for mkx

  • That would be severely cool. MK is my favourite game of all time and after what Boon and his team pulled off with MK9, I am confident this is going to kick ass.


      I still need to pick-up MK9. I keep hearing about how good it was. MKX looks to be following-up MK9 quite well thus far.

  • Jago Hara-Kiri

    June – Predator
    October – Jason , Myers , Pinhead , Freddy and Spawn ??

  • RaiiN

    I know this probably won’t happen, but it would be cool if NRS made MK spinoff game featuring just horror movie icons. Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Pennywise, Scream, Pinhead, Candy Man, etc…….a man can dream =

    • TheWalkingFlat

      i thought the same…
      but also a action movie star spinoff would rock…
      rambo,terminator,chuck norris,jean claude vd, indiana jones,

    • Izzy Sundin
    • Evan3

      Pennywise would be incredible in a fighting game. A more violent Doink the Clown.

  • Christopher Pelton

    I can’t wait for the guest character whoever it is. I miss the sound of grown people whinging about the inclusion of out of series characters in fighting games. Between MK 9 and Injustice I was simply ashamed to be part of the fandom for all these properties. Way to go internet.

  • Victor

    How funny on another post I said how ” Alien ” would be a great choice, I’m here for Jason’s add on of course but also Michael Myers should be a candidate.

    • freddy was in the last one so why not jason meyers or even pinhead

      • Victor

        Exactly they need to pin Michael Vs Jason somewhere for us horror fans I mean if not in a movie at least a damm video game!

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    Anyone else watch that Todd McFarlane interview? Man, how much longer till that guy completes his Cronenberg-esque transformation into Al Bundy?

  • Krist Worthless

    thats dumb. predator totally makes sense in Ghosts

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    I was totally thinking about all three of these guys when discussing potential guest characters. I think Judge Dredd ,and of course Ash from Evil Dead (the one I hope for the most) would be great additions also.


      Judge Dredd would be amazing! The remake of that movie was damn good.

  • Sarah A

    I’d rather see people from Killer Instinct. Always thought it vs MK would make a great game.

  • ProudtobeUndead

    But all that matters is will you be able to have epic Freddy VS Jason matches??

  • Chris Dood

    give me jason and spawn…. i could live without predator but if all three made it i would be the happiest nerd EVER…
    when i read on this site that they were including freddy in mk9 i literally freaked out was such a great day for a horror loving gamer!


      Spawn for sure. Jason…? Eh… Only for the sake of curiosity, but I definitely wouldn’t complain so long as Spawn was part of the bundle. I’d rather have Predator than Jason. I’d rather have the Alien than Predator or Jason. Spawn for sure though.

  • SXiPPY

    Why don’t they just make a Mortal Kombat style game with all icons of horror- Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Pinhead, Chucky, Alien, Predator, Ash, The Tall Man, Michael Myers, A Killer Clown from Outer Space…why hasn’t that game ever been developed!?


      The licensing of that game would be a nightmare. All those characters are owned by separate people who own the rights to them, which is a giant legal mess for the developer. Boring, but the reality of it, I’d assume. With that being said, that game would be so good! Haha…


    I’d like to see the Alien put on the roster. The licensing of this stuff is where things get complicated and fatiguing for the developers – not to mention the timing of the legal hoops with enough time to, then, develop the characters after finishing the legal process – forget about royalties and the cost(s) beyond that. With that being said, it would be a strange decision to not use Spawn given the up-front permission McFarlane has given with few strings attached. The only thing that would make sense is the fact that if they developed Spawn too well, he’d always win…haha… He’d be the M. Bison of Mortal Kombat X.

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