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‘Slender: The Arrival’ Creeping Onto PS4, Xbox One

It might not have lived up to the hype established by its source material, Slender: The Eight Pages, but seveloper Blue Isles has done a fantastic job in continuing to evolve Slender: The Arrival since its release in 2013. Here we are almost exactly two years later and the dapper Slender Man is finally creeping onto the PS4 and Xbox One.

Slender: The Arrival releases on March 25 for PS4 and Xbox One.


  • LoveAnimation

    I love this game so im sure gonna buy the PS4 version.
    Feels way better to own and be able to play the game on my new console.
    Also is this game ever gonna get a sequel?
    I really like Slender Man so i would love it if we could get more big and official Slender games like this.

  • Guest

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  • Megaonan

    Port to 360 was so shitty that i doubt they can pull this off…

  • brewers_rule

    I wonder if the dude that created Slender Man on that internet board trademarked the thing. If so, he’s probably laughing his butt off at how much steam it’s gotten not just in marketing like these products but how the sheeple out there believe the thing was real to the point of its cult-like following despite how dangerous the idiots are that do.

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