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Watch Jill Valentine Play the ‘Resident Evil’ HD Remaster

The Twitch gaming channel Sharp3D recently launched their Girls Got Game series, in which lady gamers play video games, because I hear that’s what lady gamers do. The newly released Resident Evil HD remaster is the latest game to be featured, and the woman behind the controller is Jill Valentine herself — otherwise known as actress and model Julia Voth.

Aside from sharing her initials with Ms. Valentine, Julia also lent her face and likeness to the character for the original Resident Evil remake, which came to the GameCube in 2002.

Watch live video from sharp3D on Twitch

This is the second actor this month to play through a survival horror game they starred in. A couple weeks ago, Guy Cihi, who you may recognize as the voice and likeness of James Sunderland, live-streamed his playthrough of Silent Hill 2.


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