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It’s a Race for Survival in This ‘Dying Light’ Short Film

Take away all those eerily robotic NPCs and Dying Light becomes the kind of cinematic post-apocalyptic experience that’s fit for a silver screen adaptation, or at least a live-action short film. There’s a lot to do while touring the city of Harran, but for Runners, it’s all about that frantic race for precious, life-saving supply drops.

This idea also serves as the basis for The Last Supply Drop, a short film produced by Techland and Flying Carpet Studio.

Dying Light is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Victor

    This was actually pretty fucking cool!!!! LOL I like how they included the exploding car trap, Dying Light would make a pretty bad ass film. I love the game and this video was head on! I would like to see more, great job to those involved in making this short film.

  • Russian bruja

    Делил ты , ебанный , хуле в этом говне cool ? Больные пиндосы , когда же у вас Йеллоустоун наконец шарахнет, чтобы , блядь мозги причислить смогли ?

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