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‘Quadrant’ Goes Episodic, Coming in March



We finally have a release window for the indie horror game Quadrant, which is set in the 1970s and follows a member of a bio-hazardous waste removal crew that’s dispatched to investigate a NASA lab that’s been quarantines after an alien creature escaped and promptly murdered everyone inside.

A recent announcement from its developer confirms the game will arrive in three separate chapters, starting with the first that’s slated to arrive on Steam Early Access in mid-March.

“After discussing this as a team, we feel there are several very good, and very important, reasons for this,” the studio explains. “Releasing the game in chapters allows us to focus solely on each chapter, insuring we can put all efforts into making each chapter the very best it can be.”

Early Access games have gradually developed a poor reputation, thanks to a slew of games that have been either bad or broken, as well as a growing number that have gone without updates. The makers of Quadrant don’t want you to worry about that.

“One thing we’d like to make very clear about releasing in Early Access, is that we do not intend on releasing a broken game.”

Go on…

The chapters we release will be fully functional and playable, tested rigorously for bugs and glitches before we release. The main reason we are releasing in Early Access is because we’ve come to the conclusion that it is by far the best platform for chapter releases of the game.”

Sounds good. Now for the (sort of) bad news. Each episode will be released roughly 2-3 months apart, and they’re currently exclusive to Steam. Quadrant will come first to PC, followed by Mac. Now word on a console release yet.