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6 Sequels That Could Work As Episodic Games



Ever since the first season of The Walking Dead: The Game garnered all the accolades, a growing number of developers have started breaking up their games into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks. Telltale’s portfolio of episodic series aside, Kentucky Route Zero, Life is Strange and the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2 are other recent examples of this, and for the most part, folks don’t seem to mind the trend.

Telltale may be responsible for making it popular, but Capcom is refining it. Rather than wait for months between episodes of The Walking Dead or A Wolf Among Us, Revelations 2 episodes will come in weekly installments, starting with the first, which arrives next week.

I’ve never been overly accused of possessing any real amount of patience, so for the purpose of this list, let’s say the games we’re about to chat about will have a similar timeframe, with no more than a few weeks separating each episode.

The first game on this list is an obvious one, so let’s get this started with…

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