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What’s Your All-Time Favorite Horror Game Sequel?

Next week we’ll find out whether or not Resident Evil Revelations 2 is everything fans of the series want it to be with the debut of its first episode. The original Revelations is arguably the most well-liked entry in the series in some time, not counting remasters, so it’ll be interesting to see how Capcom builds off that.

Back in January, I wrote about some of my favorite horror game sequels, and with the launch of Revelations 2 just around the corner, I figured I’d turn the question to you.

What’s your all-time favorite horror game sequel?

It’s a tough question to answer, especially since there are so many great sequels to choose from in the horror genre. Silent Hill 2, Dino Crisis 2, Resident Evil 2, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, System Shock 2, Dead Space 2, Diablo II, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, the list goes on…


  • Seal Clubber

    Alan Wake: American Nightmare (or is it a sequel?)

  • Flux

    Silent hill 2 or project zero(fatal frame)2..
    I hated dead space 2.
    Actually, I’m gonna go for The suffering 2 as I found it a great continuation of the first.

    • You hated Dead Space 2? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that before! What’d you dislike about it?

      • Flux

        Well I was and am a huge fan of dead space 1 for it’s subtlety and old school horror movie feel and the fact that the protagonist was an average Joe, old and tubby with a receding hairline who was slow and Not very combat savvy, Then in the second one he was suddenly 12 years younger, grew back his hair and became gymnast level athletic and golem level resilient, I found all the set pieces and plot too action packed and far fetched, I found it more style over substance and it felt like it was trying to be Aliens to dead spaces Alien, I just was not a fan, sorry.

        Edit: Also, I prefer more personal stories like find Somebody you love who is lost in a disaster rather super guy Saves the world stuff.

    • Cheshire TrollCat

      Wow, remind me to not take you seriously.

      • Flux


    • Chamber

      You “hated” Dead Space 2? Wow, there really is no accounting for taste, is there? LOL.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Resident Evil 4.

  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

    • Such an underrated game.

      • Brodequin

        Best Silent Hill for me…

  • Rob_52

    Silent Hill 2. Nothing else compares.

  • Krug09

    So it can only be the first sequel? If so, Silent Hill 2, RE2 was also very good. Condemned 2 was good but SH2 is my favorite.

    • I only mentioned first sequels as examples because there are so many great ones out there, but feel free to share whichever sequels you like!

      • Krug09

        Ok cool. Honestly i thought the same. Theres so many if you talk about any sequel. RE4, SH3, RE3, Many greats.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    Dead Space 2. Best damn game ever made. Atmosphere, combat, lighting, gore, graphics, characters (debate-ably) were all top notch and better than its peers by a long shot. Dead Space 2 is the death-stomp to the other horror sequels putrid and decaying flesh. (Condemned 2, Silent Hill 2 and The Suffering 2 are fine)

    • Silent Hill 2 is FINE? I’d like to politely request we take this outside so you and I can engage in fisticuffs!

      • Cheshire TrollCat

        Lets do it. Game is overrated. Actually i just came back to edit SH 2 out of my post. I put it in to appease the hoard of nostalgia bitches who stick there dicks in a old consoles and whisper sweet nothings while playing 10 year old games.

        • psychomantis18

          …Very stupid comments. Maybe you need to grow up so your tastes can mature a little. I’m not going to waste time labelling ALL the numerous things that make SH2 such a great piece of art but I will say that no other horror game comes close to its level of haunting atmosphere, music, story or heart. Dead Space 2 was great but nowhere near the ranks of SH2. Time will tell which game is remembered for longer.

      • psychomantis18

        …Kids. No respect for the classics

    • Steve Bakewell

      I find it hilarious that you think that Dead space 2 is a horror game of any kind.

      • Cheshire TrollCat

        What would you consider a horror game then?

        • Steve Bakewell

          Definitely not something that is a glorified shooter like dead space and RE4..

          Survival horror’s No1 golden rule is to NEVER EVER indulge into action when that rule is broken its no longer survival horror.

          The horror in RE&Silent hill works precisely because of that reason.. the combat is deliberately awkward&underplayed in these games.

          Whereas in RE4 i’m rejoicing every headshot,every suplex and in dead space i love tearing nercomorphs limb from limb and stompin’ on them.. i don’t feel like a survivor anymore i feel like john rambo!

  • Kassy

    Probably Resi 2. Just shade’s Silent Hill 2, as I didnt realise it had a second disc with an alternate playthrough.

  • Zachariah

    Silent Hill 3, as it was the actual direct sequel and, imo, a better SH game than 2. 2 was great at it’s story and symbolism, but thats really it. 3 was way scarier, much better art design/direction, more oppresive atmosphere, way more fucked up imagery(with a shit ton of symbolism, too), and, in my opinion, a more interesting main character.

    • Brodequin

      I prefer SH 3 over 2 too

    • Jasmine Martinez

      Thank you! I feel the exact same way!

  • It’s been all but forgotten at this point, but I really enjoyed Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare waaaay back on the PSX

  • thedragon803

    Resident Evil 4. I know that probably puts me in the minority, but for me its the perfect blend of action and horror. I actually tried my hand at previous Resident Evil titles, and to my surprise, I didn’t like them. The fixed camera angles, the tank-like controls, the lack of vital resources – I know its supposed to make the games scarier but all it did was frustrate the hell out of me. When RE4 came along, they fixed almost everything I didn’t like and made it a game I’ve replayed many many times.

  • texas evil

    Fatal Frame 2 is the best. Fatal Frame 3 is repetitive when you go to the same house in the dream sequence, and the scare is recycled (after J horror gets old).

  • Phendranah

    My all time favourite horror sequels are Silent Hill 2 and maybe Dino Crisis 2 since you mentioned it 😛
    Resi 2 gets an honourable mention as it was the first horror game I ever experienced.

  • ThunderDragoon

    RE2, closely followed by Fatal Frame II. Taking nostalgia out of the equation, I think Fatal Frame II would take the cake. It’s the scariest sequel I’ve played.

  • Chamber

    Well, since I just finished playing the Dead Space Trilogy, I have to say that Dead Space 2 really made me a fan of survival horror again. I mean, I loved Fatal Frame 2, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 2, ect. all for different reasons, but Dead Space 2 really went above and beyond fixing all of the problems I had with part one, and surpassing it in some ways. It wasn’t as scary, but it was an absolute blast to play, and I loved every single minute of it.

  • psychomantis18

    Easy pick for me. Silent Hill 2 all the way. Still the greatest horror game of all time and i’d rate it alongside the best horror films.

  • Brodequin

    For me Forbidden Siren 2…

  • Peter Johnson

    I would pick Condemned 2, if only the last few missions weren’t so over the top. I’ma say Dead Space 2

  • Eupfhoria

    I would have to say Marathon 2:Durandal, if you consider that horror.

  • Timothy Carter

    I going to pick Dead Space 2. Left 4 Dead 2, Condemned 2. Plus you going to have your classics like RE2, SH2, Project Zero 2, Forbidden Siren 2. Honorable Mention: F.E.A.R. 2

  • Warren Jansen Van Rensburg

    Alright im gonna be a bit cliché and say Silent Hill 2. I also love Obscure Aftermath even though it’s a tacky game I love the co op mode because it’s so much fun to play with friends. I like Fatal Frame 2 also.

  • Steve Bakewell


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