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Player Beats ‘The Order: 1886’ in Just Five Hours

Developer Ready at Dawn’s Steampunk action horror game The Order: 1886 hits this Friday, and yet there are some people who have already wrapped up its tale of an ancient battle between humans and shape-shifting “half-breeds”. One such player is YouTuber PlayMeThrough, who managed to upload a full playthrough of the upcoming game after having beaten it in just five hours.

Their channel has since been suspended and the video removed, but not before it could be shared by enough people who are now worried that The Order doesn’t come with enough content to justify its full retail price. If it can be completed in five hours, without any sort of multiplayer to pad its content, is it worth its price tag?

Obviously, value is relative. It’s also worth mentioning that this player rushed through the game, but even if it wasn’t, this is the same old “quality vs quantity” debate. For me, it’s about the experience. I’ll take a shorter, more memorable experience over one that’s longer and full of fluff.

Ready at Dawn is refusing to talk about it. They even seem a little defensive, though I suppose that’s understandable when you’ve spent several countless hours over several years pouring your blood, sweat and tears into what looks like a very intriguing and undeniably gorgeous game.

The Order: 1886 releases on Feb 20 for the PS4.


  • If the game is of quality then I’m not too worried especially since how long it takes to complete a game is completely subjective. It’s my believe that the gamer simply rushed through it to make a point. Those that want to experience it in full I doubt 5 hours is all that it will take.

  • I’m the worst video game player ever. If some dude who makes it his life’s mission to assrape every game in a few hours, the average Joe takes 8-12 hours to complete it….it’ll take me 16 hours and I’ll be satisfied!

    • I’m the same way and besides it’s not a race. I like to take my time especially if it’s a great game.

  • Victor

    I’ll still play it….Buy it??? Not sure but definitely will play it.

  • Phendranah

    Aww no 🙁 I was really hoping this game would be an excuse for me to get a PS4. But a 5 hour campaign? I can’t justify the cash on that…

  • Mark Loproto

    An actual review was posted in a Japanese publication, I think it was, and, if it was translated properly, it was cited at 7 hours, approximately half of which were interactive cut scenes.

    A few things:

    1. There’s no telling if this was a rushed playthrough. I’m not familiar with the publication or the reviewer.

    2. Just for reference, Gears of War clocked in at approximately 9 hours with cutscenes.

  • Brodequin

    • Phendranah

      I love this video. It’s so good!

  • Live slow, die whenever.
    I swear, if it’s entertainment what is the fuckin’ rush?
    Disregard all negativity that you have heard about The Order: 1886, by the way. It’s a treasure and a serious indication in the direction next gen is set to go.

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