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Latest ‘Alien: Isolation’ DLC Adds to its New Salvage Mode

Last month, a new survival mode was introduced to Alien: Isolation in the Safe Haven DLC. That mode just got even better with the fourth add-on pack, titled Lost Contact, which adds a second Salvage Mode map that’s set in the Lorenz Private Wards and the Emergency Power Plant. The goal is the same, as players are tasked with using a limited arsenal to survive against familiar enemies, including a gaggle of Working Joes and the alien.

The DLC pack is included in the game’s $29.99 season pass. Otherwise, you can grab it individually for $7.99. Out of curiosity, who here is still actively playing Alien: Isolation?

Alien: Isolation is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


  • I wouldn’t say it’s a game I ‘actively’ play, but I certainly will be returning for this DLC, even if it’s only for a week or so.

  • israelajimura

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  • Krug09

    …Should i buy this game?

    • myentourage

      Yes. This game is hands-down awesome. Some people will knit-pick things but its nothing that will derail the experience.

      • Krug09

        Cool… Yeah because (and i know thats their opinion) i heard from a few different people the game is boring and it has a door of easy door riddles? It sounded like i would regret playing.

  • Jimmy Black

    I stopped playing it after 1.5 times through. Loved it – but decided I need to wait a year to play it again so I kind of forget some details etc to make it more exciting again… Will play it through again though….

  • I haven’t gotten any of the DLC except the Last Survivor & Crew Expendable when the game first released. I just don’t dig on the whole timed side missions thing. Don’t give a shit about leaderboards and all that.

  • Zaraf

    Got the season pass and I plan to play the DLC. I would prefer more story-driven DLC such as Last Survivor & Crew Expendable though.

  • Kristián Holubek

    They need to make a DLC where you play as the Xenomorph

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