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5 Horror Game Villains We Love to Hate!



It’s that time of the year when some of the world comes together to celebrate the holiday special day that is Valentine’s Day. Because my shamelessness knows no bounds, I thought you might like to celebrate it with me with this article I’ve written and dedicated to love. Basically, what I’m saying is will you be my Valentine? I’ve never had one of them before, and you sure are lovely.

Now that I think about it, this might be more about hate than love. Maybe if I use the word ‘love’ enough times, it’ll cancel that out? That kind of magic exists, I’m sure.

I recently wrote about my favorite video game serial killers, and because I’m a proper gentleman I also perused the comments section afterward — not a single “this list sucks!” or “Adam is ruining Bloody Disgusting” comment, which I appreciate — to see what you had to say.

One commenter asked about Albert Wesker, and that got me thinking about his character, and that eventually snowballed into…

Albert Wesker – Resident Evil


Here you go. Wesker has his recognition and all is right with the world.

I hesitate to call Wesker any of the many names I keep in my vast arsenal of mean things I’ll occasionally think about calling someone who has wronged me, because I think he’d easily shrug off even the worst of them. It’ll be a dark day the first time a man laughs when I label him a clown shoe. A dark day indeed.

Wesker is all about manipulating others to his own gain. He was an interesting enemy to go up against, even if Capcom ended up turning him into a Saturday morning cartoon villain bent on world domination in Resident Evil 5. He earned that face rocket.

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