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‘Resident Evil’ HD Can Be Beaten in One Second



Because I’ve never cared enough to learn how to cheat them and have never possessed enough talent and disposable time to climb that ladder legitimately, leaderboards have existed solely so I can find a friend’s ranking, squash it without mercy, and let them know what I just did. I always wait until there’s a large enough gap separating our two scores before I share the news, because a premature reveal could lead to their immediately trouncing my score.

For the competitive folks who aren’t satisfied with their achievements until they can be recognized by a larger pool of people on the leaderboard of a hot new game like, say, the Resident Evil HD remaster, here’s a look at the competition.

Aside from the obvious, what makes this video from YouTuber Carcinogen so fantastic is the fact that he actually does have skills. He’s a legitimate world record holder, you can even watch him beat those records in videos like the one I have for you below.