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What Do You Look for in the Games You Play?



Chances are, if you have any interest in Dying Light, you probably have your copy by now. I found it to be a mostly great horror game that’s held back by many of the same issues that plagued Dead Island, such as an uninspired story and a world that’s populated by eerily animatronic NPCs who sometimes manage to be more unnerving than the actual monsters.

Video games are complex things, and the same goes for the people who play them. No one will ever be able to satisfy everyone, so there’s nothing wrong with a developer that chooses to focus on making a game that’s fun to play over constructing something with a compelling narrative, or realistic characters.

The Last of Us took the opposite approach by constructing a gritty world with a memorable story and cast of characters, the Silent Hill series built its following by being exceedingly creative with its monsters and music, among other things — the list goes on.

So what attracts you to the games you play, and perhaps more importantly, what keeps you invested in them long after their release?

Is it an engrossing story, an endlessly replayable multiplayer, the promise of must-have DLC, a world that’s rich with stunning visuals, what? Your answer doesn’t even need to be exclusive to the horror genre, though I would love to hear what you look for specifically when you’re searching for that spooky scary fix.