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‘Resident Evil’ Remaster Breaks Sales Records

Capcom has announced that the Resident Evil HD remaster that hit last month and promptly blew my mind with its majesty, has become the company’s fastest-selling digital title across North America and Europe. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the game is also the best-selling day one digital title on the PlayStation Store.

Capcom put the future of the series in our hands by giving us the chance to show them — not just say in tweets or posts on forums and blogs — that this is what we want. This is proof that there’s still an audience for this kind of game.

Resident Evil is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


  • Alright, Capcom….we all voted with our dollars. Ball’s in your court now. Please stop fucking this series up.

  • Queen B

    Hopefully this will mean they will bring out 2 and 3 in HD 😀

  • judeau13

    RE0 has to logically be the next release. The remastering cycle will be much shorter since it is way newer than 2, 3 & Veronica. The graphics and controllers will be easier to update and polish, not to mention since the game was held hostage by Nintendo the vast of RE fans never really got to play it. I would rather they took their time and revamped 2 and 3 from the ground up, but give us RE0 during the wait (sadly I don’t think they will double dip Veronica after rolling out the sad HD version last year).

    • johnnyorgan

      Or, y’know, they could make a new Resi game that plays more like the originals and stop trying turn the franchise into a Gears Of War clone.

      If they do remaster Resi 0, I sure hope they sort the pacing out and improve the script in places.

      • judeau13

        Well Revelations 2 will be out soon and that is fairly close to the original games, at least as close as can be done without making fixed cameras and tank controls. I agree that RE0 will need some adjustments, but to be fair RE1 has come a long way since it’s original release as far as pacing and script adjustments go.
        Personally I think Capcom is using the new Revelations game (and the HD port of the original) as a beta test to gauge pacing and difficulty before committing to another full sequel. The co-op aspect of Revelations 2 will really be the sink of swim for the game. If they can balance co-op with a slower survival pace and fans like it, I’m pretty sure we will see a fast tracked RE7.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s amazing news!

  • Blackjack69

    This article is biased of course since the writer used the word “WE”, I hope Capcom does the RE2 Remake outschool. New and Old fans would love that.

    • I suppose my comment wasn’t clear, eh? What I meant by that is the success REHD has enjoyed is our, as in the fans’, way of saying we want Resident Evil to return to its roots in survival horror.

    • andyj

      Blackjack69, I’m guessing English isn’t your first language as this article has nothing to do with bias. The author is obviously saying: lots of people bought this game therefore proving to Capcom people want this sort of game.

      • Blackjack69

        You are a stupid fat faggot!!

        • andyj

          Ahaha! Well now only gone and blown your cover! Here was me thinking you didn’t grasp the article because English isn’t your native language. Now it seems like you didn’t understand it properly because you’re actually just a child!! Pretty sure you should be doing your homework and not reading a blog…

          • Blackjack69

            The fact still remains that you are a stupid ugly pos.

  • John Connor

    They need to release these on physical copies after they’re done remastering them all.

  • Avalanche5150

    Capcom is now “re-mastering”? I guess George Lucas must be working for them.

  • Цветозар Георгиев

    “This is proof that there’s still an audience for this kind of game.”

    THIS! I don’t know even why some companies think that there is no audience for old-school hard games??? Wy they think that game should be easy like CoD, catered for casuals. In this era of mobile devices kids will just download a game from Google Play/iTunes and wont buy this casual easy games they used to bring last years. That’s why developers should pay more attention to hardcore gamers with this retail titles.

  • Taboo

    Fantastic news!

  • DD-Indeed

    Making remakes from RE2 and 3 from ground up without the original team and key people ?
    Possibility to ”fuck-it-up” percentage after last couple new games = 99%

  • Jeff Wheaton

    As much as i love the original series, (1-3, Zero, and Code Veronica). I don’t want to see more HD remakes. We gave Capcom our money, They need to use it and make us a proper new installment to the RE series with the classic survival horror game-play. Re-boot it if you need to but what they been putting out lately is just dirty stinky poopoo.

  • magnus dissmoll

    Sales numbers? Just curious.

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