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These Are the Horror Games of February



This is going to be a crazy exciting year for us horror fans, so rather than accrue every spooky game that’s on the way and toss them at you all at once, I thought I’d make things easier with a monthly list of the goings on in our favorite genre. January has been great, and that momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all as we roll into February.


Okay, yes, I know this isn’t really a horror game in the traditional sense, but it is a game about giant monsters from the studio that brought us Left 4 Dead and I’ve decided that’s more than enough for it to qualify for a mention here.

I can’t wait to unleash the Kraken.

Release Date: Feb 10 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Lucius II: The Prophecy

The pint-sized Antichrist is back and he’s ready to use his demonic powers to mercilessly and brutally end the lives of any and all adults who would dare to place him in timeout.

Release Date: Feb 13 (PC)

DreadOut Act II

The supernatural horror game takes us out for another round of ghost hunting with DreadOut Act II, which will release as a free update for those who already own the game on Steam.

Release Date: Feb 14 (PC)

The Order: 1886

If using an array of steampunk weapons and gadgets to hunt down werewolves in a beautifully realized version of Victorian-era London doesn’t sound appealing to you, I’m afraid we can no longer be friends.

Release Date: Feb 20 (PS4)


The indie psychological horror game Hektor is one I’ve only recently discovered. The game follows a test subject at a secret research facility hidden under Greenland. There are few things that are as terrifying as trying to escape from a labyrinthine series of long-abandoned corridors while you’re being hunted by something.

Making things a little more difficult is the fact that its world is procedurally generated, so there’s no memorizing an escape route.

Release Date: Feb 20 (PC)

Resident Evil Revelations 2, Episode 1

Capcom’s taking a page out of Telltale’s book by breaking up the follow-up to one of the best Resident Evil games in years into four episodes. The first two will arrive in February, with the other two hitting in March, and they’re all releasing a week apart, so you won’t need to wait long to see what happens to Claire and friends.

Release Date: Feb 24 (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)