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Top 6 Serial Killers in Video Games!

Walter Sullivan – Silent Hill 4


When Silent Hill 4: The Room released in 2004, it polarized a lot of people. Some found its atmosphere, music, monsters and mind-f**k of a story satisfying enough, while others were unable to find that Silent Hill charm under all its problems. I considered myself a member of the latter group until I played the game again a few years back.

It’s not the strongest of the bunch, but my opinion of it has softened a bit over time, possibly because the games that followed it took the series even further away from its roots.

There’s a feeling of unease that permeates The Room. It’s an unnerving game, and the source of some of that comes from the game’s serial killer antagonist, Walter Sullivan. Sullivan is a product of the Order, a cult that brainwashed him as a child, instilling the belief that he must kill innocent people to fulfill some sort of ritual.

What makes this serial killer so different from the others on this list is his effect on the world the game takes place in. His fears built the horrors that lurk in Silent Hill 4’s version of the Otherworld, which easily ranks among the scariest Otherworlds of the series.

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  • why this site is not accessible in Brazil?

  • Jason L.

    You’re forgetting Albert Wesker.

    • Wesker’s a sociopath, there’s no denying that, but take away the deaths he’s indirectly caused by being a gargantuan dickhead and how many murders are we actually left with? He’s more the type who would employ a serial killer to do his bidding, rather than do anything that might get his hands dirty.

      • Jason L.

        Fuck it.

      • Fantasma George

        Well what about Jules Merit from Syndicate 2012? All the agents are remorseless murder machines, true, but he’s the only one that gets filed as a sociopath even by his own company. Consider the fact that all the agents dole out bullets personally, and all the moments you share with him early in the game casually just shooting people in the face even when it wasn’t completely necessary.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Jacket from Hotline Miami, and I guess the Joker counts right? That’s video game killers I can think of on the top of my head not mentioned here.

  • shadow

    What about Ruvik from “The Evil Within”?

  • Brodequin

    Hell yeah! Serial Killer X…

  • LordAlaster


  • What about the characters from Bioshock? Like Sander Cohen for example. Link:

  • Fantasma George

    You picked Walter Sullivan over Adachi?!

  • ThunderDragoon

    So happy to see the Origami Killer and The Groom on here. 😀

  • John

    Would Pyramidhead from Silent Hill series count??

  • Captain Underpants

    Glad to see Manhunt get some love. Definitely my favorite stalk n kill game. Which brings me to my nominee: Agent 47

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Kudos for going with the Origami Killer from Heavy Rain. Great story. Great game.

    • KSE1977

      I agree with you up to the point of finding out who the killer was. Why they would go to such lengths only to get cheap and kind of cheat with the character revealed as the killer is rather unbearable for me.

  • Guest

    Would Ruvik from Evil Within qualify as a serial killer?

  • Henry Marden

    Good list.

  • HR

    Re: Heavy Rain: Shaun was taken from a park. Jason was the son in the mall who got hit by the car outside the mall.

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