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Top 6 Serial Killers in Video Games!



Origami Killer – Heavy Rain


The Origami Killer is a real dick.

There’s no such thing as a good serial killer — sorry, Dexter — but this freak is among the worst for the simple fact that he almost exclusively targets young boys, aged 9-13. I’m not sure if it’s the kid he’s more interested in or their parents, because once he has his victim, ruining the lives of the already traumatized father becomes his primary objective.

He had taken (at least) eight other kids before kidnapping Shaun in a mall at the start of Heavy Rain, drowning each of them in rainwater while he forces the father to complete a series of twisted, almost Saw-esque tests.

Between its heavy subject matter and its gritty, cinematic style, Heavy Rain felt more like an interactive adaptation of a film like Se7en than a video game. This sometimes made it a difficult game to play, but it also made finally taking the killer down so much more satisfying.

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