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Top 6 Serial Killers in Video Games!



Scissorman – Clock Tower


Scissorman isn’t a name that’s limited to a single person. Several of the serial killers from the Clock Tower series have taken the name, even the upcoming spiritual successor NightCry is bringing it back, albeit with some tweaks.

The original Scissorman was Bobby Barrows, a deformed child with psychotic tendencies and a fondness for comically large shears. Swap the shears for a machete and slap a hockey mask on him and you’d have a story that sounds a lot like Jason Voorhees’ origin story.

In the 90’s, developers usually didn’t spend much time on crafting rich characters and engrossing narratives. That’s left the Scissorman as a sort of terrifying enigma, and I think that’s part of the reason why this killer has become so engrained in the memories of those who played these games back in the day. Monsters are always scarier when they don’t have a light exposing them.

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