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Top 6 Serial Killers in Video Games!



Serial Killer X – Condemned Series


Leland Vanhorn, also known by the monicker Serial Killer X, is responsible for some truly horrific stuff. His modus operandi involves stalking and murdering his fellow serial killers using the same methods they would use on their own victims.

SKX is adept in the art of murder, and for him, it’s most definitely an art. Some creative types express themselves through poetry or painting — this guy prefers the medium of cryptic messages scrawled in blood and corpses that he would display in gruesome fashion. This guy gave Ethan some particularly memorable crime scenes to investigate.

Vanhorn had already racked up an impressive body count before the events in Criminal Origins, and that continued through Bloodshot, where he seemed to take pleasure in toying with Ethan. He had claimed about two dozen lives by the time the credits start rolling in Bloodshot, including over half a dozen serial killers.

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