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Report: Game Retailer Outs ‘Dead Island 2’ Release Date



Deep Silver hasn’t offered many updates on Dead Island 2 lately, likely because doing so would take attention away from the two new games that are already out there with Dead Island Epidemic and the abysmal Escape Dead Island. If there’s any truth to a tweet from UK games retailer GAME, that silence won’t last much longer.

A recent tweet was posted on many of the individual GAME Twitter accounts along with some promotional art showing off a handful of 2015’s blockbuster video games. Among them was Dead Island 2, along with a very specific release date of April 24.

Retailers give upcoming games placeholder dates all the time, but this is a little more specific than the nebulous TBA 2015 window we often see. It’s not official, but I have reached out to Deep Silver to see if they’re ready or willing to comment on it.

It’s worth mentioning that Dead Island 2 still says TBC 2015 on the GAME website.