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Report: Game Retailer Outs ‘Dead Island 2’ Release Date

Deep Silver hasn’t offered many updates on Dead Island 2 lately, likely because doing so would take attention away from the two new games that are already out there with Dead Island Epidemic and the abysmal Escape Dead Island. If there’s any truth to a tweet from UK games retailer GAME, that silence won’t last much longer.

A recent tweet was posted on many of the individual GAME Twitter accounts along with some promotional art showing off a handful of 2015’s blockbuster video games. Among them was Dead Island 2, along with a very specific release date of April 24.

Retailers give upcoming games placeholder dates all the time, but this is a little more specific than the nebulous TBA 2015 window we often see. It’s not official, but I have reached out to Deep Silver to see if they’re ready or willing to comment on it.

It’s worth mentioning that Dead Island 2 still says TBC 2015 on the GAME website.


  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Well it’s not developed by Techland so there’s no way it can be worse than the first one, hell the new game could literally be someone’s shit in the game case and it’d still be better than Dead Island 1.

    • Jason L.

      “Well it’s not developed by Techland so there’s no way it can be worse than the first one”

      You’re not giving Techland enough credit here.
      They were the ones to come up with the franchise in the first place.
      They were the ones who caused you to go out and buy a copy of the original game, which despite it’s technical flaws, was a surprisingly fun and enjoyable experience.
      They were the ones that led you to come on Bloody Disgusting and make a post about the potential of the second entry into the franchise.
      Clearly Dead Island has made some sort of a lasting impression, on you.

      • Polsdofer

        I agree, Dead Island had a lot of bugs and it was still fun so they were doing something right. I was more dissapointed in the sequel but even that game was fun. I’m still going to play Dying Light even though the combat system in that game is the same as Dead Island.

        • Reggie Centeno

          They released a pat h for it and many games have bugs and glitches its not just dead island

          • Polsdofer

            Oh i know, I’m still playing probably the buggiest game currently out there, Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

          • Reggie Centeno

            Ohh what game system do u play it on

      • Chandler Of-Adelaide

        They didn’t come up with anything new.
        I got the game in a bundle for like $4
        I found the game anything BUT fun and enjoyable.
        I already frequent BD and saw the article.
        A lasting impression is not always a good thing and it wasn’t Dead Island that left it, it just confirmed that Techland are incompetent as a developer and that some people just have low standards/are easy to please.

        • Jason L.

          Clearly mashing the reanimated dead over and over again is not your thing so thank God we don’t have you to rely on for our entertainment sources.

          • Chandler Of-Adelaide

            Au contraire. I’ve enjoyed games like Killing Floor, Left for Dead and Sniper Elite’s Zombie Army (not to mention the House of the Dead series and probably some others I’ve forgotten over the years). Needless to say, I love killing zombies. I just prefer the games that at least try in some aspect or another. Every single aspect of Dead Island just shows that Techland didn’t try at all (hell, their whole catalogue shows that). But like I said, some people just have lower standards.

          • Jason L.

            You’re missing the whole point. This article wouldn’t exist without Dead Island and Dead Island wouldn’t exist without Techland ergo your very nonconstructive comment wouldn’t have been made. Ultimately you did make a comment and it didn’t turn out to be very constructive which obviously suggests that Dead Island made a lasting impression on you, regardless if it was good or bad, hence your comment.

            But like I said it’s a good thing we don’t have people like you to rely on for getting our entertainment otherwise we’ll all just become snobs who claim to have an acquired taste for gaming/ “interactive entertainment” for that matter.

          • Chandler Of-Adelaide

            For Dead Island to leave a lasting impression would mean that it was either the majority or sole reason for my dislike for games by Techland which is not the case. It merely reinforced what I already knew. Hell, if this article were about a new Call of Juarez or Chrome game being made by a different developer I’d say the same things.

            Also, it’s not about being a snob or claiming anything. It’s that from a game development standpoint and even from a creative standpoint, Dead Island was objectively mediocre. It did not excel in any single aspect. The story was pretty much tacked on, the crafting and rpg elements were half-arsed, the combat was clunky, the physics in general were a mess, graphically it was pretty ugly once your eyes adjusted to the excessive bloom and it was a cakewalk of a game in terms of difficulty with the ONLY threat being bugs.

            Remove the crafting/rpg comment, you’ve got a summary of every attempt at a AAA title from Techland.

  • André Pusey

    That release date was not a secret, Amazon had it on-site as early as November last year…

    • Amazon currently has it listed for Dec 31. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just didn’t see it. If anything, this new listing lends some credibility to it.

      • André Pusey

        Amazon UK, sorry. It has been changed now to have no confirmed release date, but it did say April 24th.

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