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Which Dev Should Continue the ‘Condemned’ Series?



Recently, something magical happened. It started with a question from Jace Hall, former Monolith CEO and co-creator of the criminally underrated survival horror franchise, Condemned. In an attempt to gauge our interest in seeing the series continue, Hall revealed he’s considering handing over the IP to an interested — and proven — indie developer.

For this to have a chance at happening, two things need to happen.

The first is we, the dwellers of the Internet and enthusiasts of spooky video games, will need to come together to show our support. If you haven’t experienced the gory wonders of Condemned, I recommend getting on that first.

The second step involves finding a suitable indie studio that can handle the responsibility of continuing a series that was ended far too soon. This leads me to the big question…

Which indie developer do you feel has the chops to do this series justice?