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‘Silent Hills’ Demo Turned Into a Found Footage Film

One exceptionally clever fan has used editing magic to turn the Silent Hills P.T. demo into a sufficiently horrific found footage film. At under 8 minutes, this terrifying short manages to be more unnerving than a majority of the found footage horror films I’ve seen in some time.

This nightmare-inducing short comes from YouTuber GamebillStudio. I highly recommend watching it with in the dark with a decent pair of headphones.


  • xdarkxperceptionx

    This was awesome! Terrifying and satisfying.

  • Mad Mox Nicole

    This was really, really bad.

  • Tishauna Starr

    Crazy fuckin awesome

  • pandora delphy

    I’d rather play the demo again. The music stings were kind of annoying.

  • evan

    Thus was scarier than The Evil Within,seriously that game made me laugh. On the other hand, I still get creeped out by PT late at night,lights off,good headphones, because it’s so believeable. Everything from the AMAZING Grahics, to the incredible dynamic lighting which is the best on either console,(sorry WIIU), to how this actually looks like like my grandmas house a little bit, this is the scariest book,movie or game I’ve ever experienced, and I’m fucking 20 years old. Normally video games don’t disturb me because it’s a damn game, but PT LOOKS REAL, it FEELS REAL. At one point,a fake glitch crash screen says,” this game is purely fictitious, it can not harm you in any way…” that shit spooked me, m not gonna lie. Horror games in 2015-…… If done right, can and WILL be scarier than any horror movie before. 1080p, and all the graphical wizardry in games nowadays, along with the game industry utilizing effects and such normally used for movies, are best suited for the horror game genre, that’s why games like outlast,PT,DAYLIGHT, are to me more scary than TEW,RESIDENT EVIL,etc. these aren’ games, they’re experiences. SILENT HILLS WILL BE THE SCARIEST PIECE OF SUBJECT MATTER WHEN IT RELEASES, IG WILL CAUSE NIGHTMARES!

    • Tiger

      “(sorry WIIU)”

      Don’t apologize. We’ve grown past the need for mind blowing graphics.

      • evan

        I agree, almost all of my ps4 games,which include dying light,gta5 TLOU, I’d much rather have not as good graphics,but have many gameplay choices and ways to play those games. Many AAA devs make these AMAZING AND BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED WORLDS, yet all you do in most of them are Kill or beat up creatures,humans,momsters,animals,etc. That’s why I can’t wait for games like THE FOREST,THE SHAPE OF THE WORLD, AND NO MANS SKY. I want to be immersed as possible, that’s what I personally find interesting. Which is way I like Dying Light,yes it’s a game about bashing zombies, but it’s actually a pretty difficult survivor game too. And it’s Gorgeous, the nighttime is seriously spooky too, it oozes atmosphere, you definitely feel vulnerable and underpowered, which is dope. But the amount of player movement freedom and expression is unmatched on any console game as of today, DYING LIGHT is very immersive as well.
        Anyway, Devs, focus less on graphics, more on framerate, more on dynamic gameplay mechanics, less on multiplayer, less on pre order DLC NONSENSE BULLSHIT, more on lip synching wen It comes to cutscene dialogue,(except NAUGHTY DOG, TLOU CUTSCENES WERE LEGIT!) And focus less on cutscenes and movie like effects in general,letter boxing,film grain,etc. Instead focus more on dynamic gameplay experiences, that’s what people will remember, that’s when we’ll have fun. Now what isn’t fun is being pushed thru a set of linear levels with no way of altering your journey and how you get there,listening to non skippable cutscenes again and again,invisible walls, corridor based gameplay to increase the graphics threshold the engine can handle, instead just be more like indies AAA DEVS,you’ll learn a thing or two 😀

      • evan

        Even though what’s funny is, the WIIU is a fucking blast! Don’t give two shots about graphics, them WIIU games are pure fun. And it’s the only console that can consistently hit 60FPS on any of its games. I have no idea if they all do, but it’s because Nintendo doesn’t think graphics and voice acting and such are important and I agree. Nintendo makes games, not game-movies. Yet video gamers bash on the WIIU?

        • evan

          I agree %100 dude!

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