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‘Condemned’ May Have a Future After All



Like many of you, I had written off the Condemned series long ago. The series never found the audience it deserved and its original developer, Monolith, didn’t seem all that interested in pursuing a third game, even though the second left us with a gargantuan cliffhanger. The possibility of a third game seemed nonexistent — until now.

Polygon spotted an intriguing bit of news in a post on Jace Hall’s personal Facebook page. For the unfamiliar, Hall is the former CEO of Monolith and the current owner of the Condemned IP.

In his post, Hall discusses the possibility of outsourcing development of a third Condemned game, saying “Since I am focused on other things, and will be for quite some time, this franchise is just sitting there.” Hall writes. “I am contemplating finding an interested and proven Indie development team AND PROVIDING IT TO THEM, so that they can take over the franchise and move it forward.”

Yeah, that just happened.

“As an indie, it can be very hard to get marketing/media attention for a title that you work on. This franchise is already quite known, has market demand, and is in an innovative genre/category,” Hall continues before leaving the decision to the fans.

To show your support for a continuation of the Condemned franchise, let Hall know this needs to happen on Twitter and Facebook!