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‘Resident Evil Revelations 2’ Raid Mode Footage, Details



Everyone seemed to love the Resident Evil HD remaster — including me — so that leaves it up to Resident Evil Revelations 2 to help determine where this series heads next. If this game is as well-received, that could be huge.

In a post on the Capcom Unity blog, the game’s Raid Mode was discussed a little more in-depth than it had been previously.

For starters, the all 54 Raid missions will be available immediately upon booting up the game. More Raid missions will be added to the mix with each new episode that releases. Once the fourth episode is out in mid-March, there will be about 200 Raid missions total.

The Raid Mode will initially only be playable either solo or through split-screen co-op. Online co-op will be added sometime after the fourth episode has released. According to Capcom, the reasoning for this is the team “is now ensuring online Raid co-op will function as expected; while this means a slight delay in online play, the feature will be present down the road.”

There’s a lot of new stuff to look forward here, including new weapons, custom weapon parts, a bunch of character skills and an assortment of maps taken from Resident Evil Revelations 2, as well as the first and sixth games.

The game was recently delayed so Capcom could slap on some additional polish. Below are the revised release dates for all territories, platforms and territories.