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This Fantastic ‘The Order: 1886’ Poster Warns Us of Lycans

There’s less than a month standing between me and a gaggle of Lycans that are just begging to get fried by my Steampunk lightning gun, assuming that’s a weapon that can be found in the PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886. Eventually I’ll have to clear some space on my PS4’s hard drive to install this beast, but before that, I think I’ll need to find some room on my wall for this incredibly cool poster Sony Europe recently tweeted, possibly to remind us that Lycans are totes dangerous.


The Order: 1886 releases on the PlayStation 4 on Feb 20.


  • McGilli

    I’m totally out of it when it comes to new games – but I had absolutely no idea this game was about werewolves. Too bad – It would have been fun to get the game thinking it was just a cool steampunk war game and then be surprised by lycans..

    • Uh, did I say werewolves? I meant… cabbage people! Now go play it. You might be surprised.

  • DarylRevik

    Everything about this game looks like a masterpiece. Unfortunately I do not own a PS4, so I miss this and Bloodborne

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