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‘The Last of Us’ Film Still Chugging Along

Naughty Dog writer Neil Druckmann has offered an update on the progress that’s been made on the film adaptation of the acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival game The Last of Us, and so far, things seem to be going smoothly. Some creative license is being taken with the story, which Druckman says will be “Pretty faithful to the game. There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story’s trying to say is pretty faithful to the game.”

This is good news, unless you’re just looking for a live-action version of the game. If that’s what you want, I’d happily tape a mushroom to my face and start making clicking noises. Just be sure to let me know well ahead of time so I can find the right mushrooms. Shroom rash is the worst.

It’s still early, but The Last of Us has already gotten off to a much smoother start than some of the video game adaptations that have tried, and failed, to get made these past few years. Druckman tells Game Informer that he’s already finished the second draft.

They’ve also held a table read with some of the actors, though he wouldn’t say if that included Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who is currently the clear favorite for the role of Ellie.


  • Ryan Ingram

    Every time I hear something about this movie, I pray to whatever god their is that they do not screw it up.

    • Have you seen any other video game based movies? Why would you ever hold out any hope for this? They’re totally gonna screw it up. I guess the first Silent Hill flick was pretty decent. Every other video game movie I’ve seen has been absolutely awful.

      • Ryan Ingram

        I know man, I know. I think because the writer of the game is writing the movie gives me high hopes. Also, I don’t recall their being a game with this level of (for lack of a better term) awesomeness that was being made into a movie.
        I have to hope…I just have to.

        • Then I would just hope that the studio execs don’t destroy that screenplay with all of their stupid notes….because that script is going to get re-tooled & polished to death.

  • Megaonan

    Why make a movie based on the Last of Us, it doesnt need a movie… I pray to god that this shit will get shelved or cancelled…

  • ThunderDragoon

    Now I have to see a video of you dressed like that. XD

  • Victor

    There should be no ” major changes ” honestly they say ” stay faithful to the game ” but in hollywood that pretty much means using the title and characters and making a film that is no where near on what the game is based on. Please for the love of god do not fuck this up, please go based off the game in its entirety go based off what the game is PLEASE, that’s what made the game so special exactly how it is!!!!

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