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Hide the Adults, ‘Lucius II’ Arrives Next Month



I never got around to playing Lucius, and from what I’ve heard about it, it doesn’t sound like I missed out on much. While I love the idea of stepping into the shoes of a would-be antichrist to wreak bloody mayhem on some unsuspecting adults, the promising concept was made less appealing once it had been made into a video game. I also didn’t like The Omen — any of them — so let’s assume the issue is on my end.

In Lucius II: The Prophecy, more adults are in dire need of having immense pain and creative torment inflicted upon them by a pint-sized psychopath with supernatural powers and a deep hatred for authority. Sounds like a good time.

If you have a loved one, I suggest you start making plans to spend your Valentine’s Day doing just that, because Lucius is set to return on Friday the 13th, naturally.