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Now You Can “Be the Zombie” in ‘Dying Light’ for Free

Techland’s zombie survival game Dying Light has endured a handful of delays, including a recent move for almost every territory outside North America. The game is still slated for a worldwide digital release tomorrow — the same day of its physical release here in the States. To help make up for a confusing handful of months, its “Be the Zombie” multiplayer mode, previously a pre-order exclusive, will be made available to everyone free of charge.

In a second video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the game’s more exciting features: parkour. In an effort to make it realistic as possible, Techland turned to freerunning expert, David Belle.

Dying Light hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Jan 27.


  • I think Techland realized it’s ‘Be the Zombie’ mode would be a failure if they kept it to pre-orders, as not everyone would have the option, and doubtful that many people would buy it as a separate DLC.

    Despite the game’s ups and downs, that was at least a good move.

    • Completely agree. I have no idea why any game company would turn a multiplayer mode into a pre-order exclusive, or even offer it as paid DLC. Doing so immediately limits the audience, and seeing as you want as many people playing the game online as possible, that’s never a smart move.

      I’m looking at you, Capcom.

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