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[UPDATE] The ‘Friday the 13th’ Game Has Claimed its First Victim

Update: The developer of Last Year has offered an update on the situation, saying “The owners of Friday The 13th feel one of Last Year’s Killer designs looks too similar to Jason so they submitted an IP infringement to Kickstarter to take our page down… I’m changing the mask of that particular character and re-uploading it so we can get it resolved and move forward!”

Jason Voorhees won’t be returning from his decades long vacation from video games for another nine months and he’s already claimed his first victim. Last week, the Kickstarter page for the indie slasher game Last Year was taken down and replaced with a claim of a copyright violation submitted by the rights holders of the Friday the 13th film franchise.

For the unfamiliar, Last Year is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that raised a massive amount of money — over $114,000 — on the popular crowdfunding website last year. In it, a team of player-controlled teens is hunted by a masked murderer who is controlled by another player.

The problem with that description is it could also be used to describe the recently announced Friday the 13th game.

There’s plenty room for two asymmetrical horror games about masked psychos hunting down teens, but one look at the concept art for Last Year and it’s immediately clear they’re using F13 as a source of inspiration. The bad guy that’s featured in the art (see above) that was used to raise all that money on Kickstarter could easily be mistaken for Jason.

Crystal Lake Entertainment is fully within their right to protect their franchise, just as the rights holders of the Halloween movie franchise were within theirs when they had Pig Farmer Productions rename their Halloween game to Babysitter Bloodbath.

In this case, there’s a not-insignificant amount of money involved, so I’d be surprised if it’s resolved through a simple name change. I’ve reached out to the developer of Last Year to see if they can shed some light on the situation. Stay tuned.


  • Thom Clyma

    I was wondering if this would eventually be an issue but hopefully it really can be fixed with a simple name change. I have more faith in this indie game than I do about a properly licensed game, especially when it involves a horror element.

    • I couldn’t agree more, and I’ll keep being cautiously optimistic about “AAA” horror until it starts producing games that are half as brave as what’s coming out of the indie sector.

  • James

    This is too bad. I’m really excited for last year and something tells me it’ll easily outshine the upcoming friday game.

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    Well that sucks, now I really hope the Friday the 13th game isn’t complete garbage…

    • Khy

      lol Same here, wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

  • Khy

    Actually that’s not Last Year’s problem that the description is nearly the same as Friday considering Last Year was announced nearly 6 months before Friday was. If there’s anyone ripping anyone else off gameplay wise its FRIDAY- which seems to be made only with hopes of cashing in on the new slasher game craze. I bet they’re going to try to go after Summer Camp next.

    • Actually, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the gameplay itself. There are hundreds of slasher movies that have nothing to do with F13 and everyone knows that.

      It’s probably simply because the Last Year team stole the F13 character for their concept art to get publicity for their game, which is illegal.

      • Khy

        I don’t need you to take me by the hand and break things down to me like I’m a mentally challenged child who just ate mud, thank you. So take that condescending “wise one” attitude and shove it and actually understand what I was replying to you dope. I was mainly responding to this particular article’s claiming that the “problem” with Last Year’s gameplay is that it’s too similar to Friday’s when actually it’s the opposite. That has nothing to do with the Jason-esque character situation that you’re yacking about. As for that situation, I think it was less “protecting their brand” and more so trying to stiff the competition. Funny how it took them this long to come out against it.

        • Adam Palkovits

          I thinks it’s hypocritical of a series that ripped off Halloween to make an easy cash grab slasher film of their own, is pissed at an indie team with a fantastic idea for a love letter of a game horror fans can get behind.

          • Brandon Lee

            Yeah honestly Friday the 13th needs to die as a franchise as a whole it’s kind of awful.More entry’s to Halloween hell yes depending on what they are. #FuckFridaythe13th

        • Wow… Someone’s in a mad mood… I read some of your other replies on this page… Either you need anger management therapy or you’re having a really bad day. If it’s the latter, I hope you feel better tomorrow.

        • Dusk Till Donny

          Go away you little twat.

          • Khy

            Slit your wrists, cumdump

      • James

        Not to get publicity but to make a horror game for horror fans. The kind of game we always wanted but we are only just getting now. They could have made a great Friday game a long time ago, but they haven’t until last year, until dawn, etc were in the works. Now that they see there is an audience for slasher games they’re rushing to attack their competition. Two years ago they wouldn’t have gone after last year most likely.

  • Jeff Lacey

    The problem is that they’ve provided no evidence that their game has been in development for ‘a long time’. They’ve announced no developer, no ideas, nothing. The only reason they’ve announced this game is to attempt to give themselves some legitimacy in front of a judge. If they didn’t have the game, all the Last Year devs would have to do is, at worst, remove the Jason-esque character and the Silver Lake Camp level from the game.

    • It’s more complicated than that. They’ve used a character they weren’t allowed to use to get publicity for their game. It’s as if they would use your picture in a publicity to sell cars. I’m pretty sure you’d ask for more than just “please remove my picture”, you’d probably want to get some money from them since they’d have stolen your image and made money from it. I don’t think the fact that they have a game in preparation changes anything to that, and I don’t think the game in preparation will make any difference in court since it was announced after Last Year was announced.

      • Khy

        I can’t speak for everyone but I know I sure as hell didn’t see that one art work and go “OMG! A FRIDAY THE 13TH GAME! OMG JASON!” and I doubt any others did as well. Sure it’s close and if they want to make sure that killer didn’t make it in- go for it but People who paid their money for Last Year to be supported actually READ what it was about, actually watched the trailer and knew what they were paying for. Besides, there’s SEVERAL different looking killers in the game, they could easily just ditch this one. But to act like Last Year was ACTUALLY trying to deceive people is ridiculous. F13 is my favorite horror franchise and if that was the case, I’d gladly say so, but it’s not.
        Also, I see no reason why they would have to remove the Silver Lake Camp level from the camp. Friday The 13th doesn’t own the summer camp horror setting.

        • Darren Laken

          Are you serious?! Lol! It is identical to jason in the freddy v’s jason film look…

          • Khy

            If you’re going to slap down money for a game without reading what its about, watching the trailer ect all based on a concept image- then you’re a fucking idiot. Period. Most people who supported this game actually could read and we knew it was not a F13 game. That said, them removing this particular character is fine.

          • Darren Laken

            I’m not an idiot thank you…it’s not hard to see why it’s been removed as it is complete infringement of copyright…I don’t like it either but it’s a fair statement to say that the image is a representation of the game and that image above is almost identical to the look of Jason voorhees in Fv’sJ an image right that is copyright and owned…if the game owners have had to/decided to pull the game then it shows all you need to know that the game/aspects of the game were an infringement and the makers didn’t fancy losing any of that donation money to a big company in a court case…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were told to remove it but then asked if they would like to apply for licencing…that has happened many times before…please refrain from your play ground insults as they really don’t serve you at all well bunnykins x

          • Khy

            I wasn’t calling you an idiot, I was saying those who would donate money to a project without reading what it was about are the idiotic ones. The way I used the word “you” was moreso in general.

          • Darren Laken

            Ah I see…maybe I am an idiot lol sorry!

          • Khy

            Nonsense, I’m sorry it came off that way!

      • Jeff Lacey

        Actually, while I agree that the particular concept art they used in this article and one of the ones that was on the Kickstarter page bears a lot of resemblance to Jason, it’s not exactly the same for a lot of reasons, but that aside, the actual concept art for character design features a character with a completely different design. He has a mask that’s been broken into multiple pieces and sewn onto his face. Are you next going to tell me that the copyright holders of Friday the 13th hold the rights to ‘guy in a sort-of-mask with a big blade’? Because in their actual concept art, the character isn’t even holding a machete. My point is that they’ve claimed this project has been in the works for a long time. That contributes to an argument made by copyright holders in games to say that, in this case, Last Year would damage the sales of Friday The 13th. Otherwise, the Last Year devs would just remove any Friday The 13th-esque elements and probably settle a small amount and be done with it. I’m saying the Friday The 13th game is bullshit that they’ve made up to make a quick buck off the now interested market and it’ll be rushed and shitty like every other movie tie-in game. The irony being that the game that actually didn’t have any official movie ties would be better since it would be made out of a passion for these movies, not to make millions off them.

  • jurgmandr

    Oh wow it only took you guys a couple days to report on something that I literally spoon fed you.

  • Does Jason have hair in that photo?

  • Daniel Anderson

    Hidden: Source is still fun.

  • Cameron Ward

    Yeah this is stupid…I mean…unless Last Year is going to be turned INTO the Friday the 13th video game….

    • James

      Now that I would be excited about. I have far more faith in Last Year.

  • BrannigansLaw

    What did they expect going with that art? All they had to do to avoid this was come up with an original character. Is it that hard to think outside of the few famous horror villains?

    • Khy

      You obviously don’t even know what you’re talking about. Yes, that character right there might be too close, but the game features 4-5 other originally designed killers. So yes, they CAN think outside of the few famous horror villains.

      • BrannigansLaw

        It’s not close… it is meant to look like Jason. I’m an artist in the game industry so I will correct your first sentence. You do not ever put a licensed anything in your game unless you are making that licensed game. Period. There’s no arguing but, I’m sure you’ll try to explain to me how it works.

        • Khy

          I didn’t deny it was meant to look like Jason, which is why I said it was close in the first place. The game totes F13 and other classic slashers as a huge inspiration, so of course that’s meant to look like Jason. As far as that, there’s no arguing. I stated that if they want to take legal action against this situation and remove that character- go for it. But people slamming Last Year and calling the people behind it flat out deceitful in the way they promoted the game has no idea what they’re talking about. As I said, there’s 4-5 other designed killers in the game and other interesting things to offer.

          • BrannigansLaw

            … and the game sounds really awesome. But you never EVER put a licensed character or product you don’t own, or have the rights to, in your game or it’s promotions.

          • Khy

            I think we already cleared up…

          • Michael Wright

            “You obviously don’t even know what you’re talking about.” He obviously does and you’re *still* acting like a sanctimonious, pompous twat. God, I hate the internet sometimes. I’m a game artist as well and your “calling the people behind it flat out deceitful in the way they promoted the game has no idea what they’re talking about” marks you as woefully ignorant. If the Kickstarter had one of their “original” monsters in a prominent role on the front page, it would’ve attracted, oh, 10% of what it did. People saying “OMGZZZ A JASON GAME!” is what got it going. If you’re still insipid to the notion that they had it coming, I wish you the best in the Special Olympics track event this coming year.

          • Khy

            I absolutely love braindead morons who come swinging in hours and hours after a discussion has taken place to throw in their two cents. I would say your argument is redundant but those on the Autistic spectrum do tend to repeat themselves. So I’ll let it slide. Water off a duck’s back and all.

          • SDMF7

            Shutup Khy go to sleep

    • Justin McGill

      Actually they had several killers you could choose from. The hockey mask killer being one. Also a killer clown, a chainsaw wielding psycho, etc. All based on different horror icons/cliches. So it’s not like the Jason one is THE only killer. I said the easiest thing to do would be to change the hockey mask to a catcher’s mask.

  • Conan

    So its the same as the game Evolve. I think that a bit interesting but would like to know what Jason they would have? Having the people playing Jason running around after you wouldnt be all that great.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Perhaps if Halloween’s copyright holders made an official Michael Myers game they wouldn’t have to hunt down these indie fan-dedications. At least Crystal Lake Entertainment are actually making a Jason game. I have no issue with them exercising their right to protect the brand when they’re going to be giving the fans a product. Halloween’s people going after a harmless fan-dedication when there hasn’t been an actual Halloween game since the Atari 2600 days is kind of a slap in the fans’ faces IMO.

  • sur0x

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  • Megaonan

    What a load of crap… i have a deja vu… Reminds of Lindsey Lohan accusing Rockstar for using her likeness… Really hope it will get resolved…

  • Sherman Shermanov

    What did they think would happen? My guess is that they knew all along… Now, they get to make an easy fix to the game art and they get cheaply earned notoriety. Well done.

    • Khy

      You’re a fucking idiot.

      • Sherman Shermanov

        LOL… you’re taking this a little bit personal, aren’t you? So… garbage game designers are hiring children as comment board shills now?

        • Khy

          Only garbage game I see is the one with no announced studio, no status, no trailer, and no screenshot but yet it’ll definietly be prepped and ready for release in less than 7 months. Just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself you fuckwad.

  • Gower Cox

    If they didn’t have a new F13 game coming out then I bet nothing would be said. You know the first thing that got you to play the original splatterhouse was that the character you played as looked like Jason.

  • diapers

    I’m not in the game industry, but have many friends that are. Sure, these folks probably should have looked into their crystal ball in regards to copyright infringement, but heck, they are indie developers playing the kickstarter game. This will be a learning experience for ’em, we can only hope the copyright holders won’t come down so hard as to fuck the indie game to pieces. I’m quite interested in playing Last Year when it gets released, will gladly support it.

  • zombie84_41

    Should of told them its a homage to horror movies and jason.

  • Robert Crowe

    The whole F13 game sounds like vaporware to me. I don’t think it exists and believe it’s a ploy to take down this game. But that’s just me.

    • Sadie Legrande

      Same here!

  • Mark Lepine

    It looks a like the Bleeder from the movie Alone in the Dark to me. I guess New Line should have sued Paramount when they came out with their hockey masked killer. Support our Kill Santa Kill movie at

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Maybe it’s for the best, I always thought the later Splatterhouse terror mask was cooler than a Hockey Mask.


    Did anyone else notice that’s f#ckin’ BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER in the pic TOO??!

    • Craig Crestford

      You’re right, I’m disappointed how much stuff is “homaged”.

      • The man in the suit

        … that’s not a Buffy clone at all, that’s an ubiquitous horror movie victim stereotype, like the jock and the nerd also featured in Last Year. The whole point of the game is using horror movie clichés, which necessarily enters some legally finicky places. And well, IP lawyers will always be assholes, so naturally they tried to shut down Last Year.

  • steve0

    You have to admit that there is some humor in all of this. You take a company that created a movie concept (a concept stolen from others), then make up a movie name (before checking to even see if the name was already copyrighted to start with per Sean Cunningham’s own words). Then they use kill scene ideas clearly stolen from other horror movies and now they are trying to go after someone else for “likeness rights” lol.

    The worst part of all of this is we have always wanted a game. But noooo, we do not get one. The moment someone decides to make it a reality then all of a sudden they decide they have one in the works. I guess after seeing the interest they decided to finally release a game. All they had to do is read 10 years worth of post saying “we would love a F13 game” to get the clue.

    Either way I am just glad we might be getting one down the road. But it is rather funny to watch the kings of copy attacking another company for using their creation technique.

    • Craig Crestford

      Disney and loads of big corps do this all the time. Disney did not even legally own Winnie The Pooh for decades. And I’m only comparing levels of legal shadiness here. Last Year still was kind of being obvious about ripping of Fthe13th.

    • Josh

      slipknot did the exact thing, and they got mad over a burger king commercial
      Slipknot “borrowed” their masks from bands like GWAR and Mushroomhead back in the 90s (bands that came before Slipknot) … okay whatever right?
      then a couple of years ago Burger king Decided to do some Commercials with a Metal band that had Chicken masks (to promote chicken fries) the commercial was done as a joke.

      Guess what Slipknot did, yep. SUED BURGER KING… Burger King had to stop the commercials (those were some of the best commercials I’ve seen, they were funny)
      so Slipknot gets to “Take inspiration” for their masks from other bands, but then sues a burger place because of their joke commercials? wtf

    • Mark Kaiser

      Could not have said it better myself! What a joke, given the fact Friday The 13Th fans are to the horror genre what Star Wars fans are to Sci-Fi, we sure have got the bone shaft from the license holders. A good quality video game and board game on this beloved series is a NO BRAINER!!!

  • Mike Brown the dumb nigga that

    Now we need a Nightmare on Ferguson street game.

    • Josh


  • ash

    I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. In the game Splatterhouse the developers had to change the look of Rick’s mask in later sequels because in the original game Rick looked looked too much like Jason.

  • James Kowalski

    I don’t know how they can sue considering Jason’s look was ripped off of Lord Humongous from Mad Max 2

  • IdeasOfAwesomeness

    I have a good Idea so this game wont be sued A customization option so you can still make him look like jason if you want so like there will be mask There should be Leather Mask(Texas Chainsaw) Custom mask (Halloweens Micheal Myers Mask but you can make it differnt like change colors to black or write something on it like hell or what ever) Sports mask (Hockey mask can be in White dirty white Red and black) and Clown Mask and many more than Shirts option tank tops and a Hobo Jacket ( like jasons but you can change the color) A boiler suit Clown suit and you can change your weapons to Machetes,Axe,Knives,Chainsaws, Or Metal Baseball bat. Then you can customize your survivors make em look like a jock change there jacket colors hair colors and make a guy look like a greaser,etc It would be really cool imo. also a butcher suit

    • IdeasOfAwesomeness

      Also you can make your character look like Freddy and stuff or your Custom killer Example as a custom killer A Red hoodie with hood on and a white custom mask saying GOD IS DEAD and he has a Metal baseball bat in his hand.

  • IdeasOfAwesomeness

    Also I hope its more than 1 big map it should also have multiple maps A hospital ( Killers suprise you from elevator hatch) A City night time (Killer suprises you from a dumpster or alleyway) and also more than one game mode so you can choose normal survival 5v1 or Insane mode 5v5 Peek a boo 2v5 or HELL 5v10 and maybe they can add dlc’s like ask the purge to add A purge gamemode where you all are killers killing Each other in a city.

    • DeadInHell

      Changes to the game mode that drastic could really affect the balance of the gameplay, but it would be nice to have some extra variety. I would be interested to see a 1v1 mode, where you play as a tougher survivor with special abilities or something like that. It would be a great nod to that slasher film character archetype (whether a survivalist, a veteran, or just a family member out for revenge) and also open up the possibility of smaller games. I imagine it might sometimes be tough regularly getting 6 people together for a match.

      But yeah, there are at least two maps planned right now. A “summer camp” map and a “high school” map. I hope/imagine more will be developed later, either before launch or after.

  • DeadInHell

    I know this is old news, but this really pisses me off. They may own the character of Jason Voorhees, but they don’t own the concept of wearing a hockey mask. It’s too bad the creator caved to their bullying and redesigned, but it’s perfectly understandable that he didn’t want the trouble.

    Also, the Halloween one is a completely different story. It was actually meant to be Halloween, and to feature Michael Myers. Though, considering the fact that all of that studio’s games are released for free I don’t see the problem. Especially on account of how no one will give us a god damn Halloween game. If they refuse to make it – or, for that matter, do ANYTHING with the franchise – why bother going around stamping out freely distributed fan creations? Seems needlessly vindictive and really just hurts the brand.

    • Mr.Sixes

      Except it’s not even trying to hide it, it’s literally a guy with a hockey mask, shaved head, in a long coat with a machete…. It’s 1 for 1 the icongraphy and even the same color scheme.

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