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Which ‘Resident Evil’ Should Be Remastered Next?

The Resident Evil HD Remaster should arrive on your platform of choice later today, if it hasn’t already. I’ve seen variations of the same discussion pop up again and again since Capcom announced their plans to update the GameCube remake, and they tend to go something like, “I’ll play it, but Capcom should have revisited so and so Resident Evil first.”

I adored this remaster, but I get it. Until Capcom stops treating Resident Evil 2 like it’s the red-headed step-child of the bunch, I’m even inclined to agree.

How about you? Which game would you like to see them return to next?


  • DD-Indeed

    Everybody yells for RE2 and Capcom have pressures. Will they do it, finally satisfy their loyal fans ?

  • Jake

    Obviously #2 #daftquestionreally

  • Taboo


  • Dustin Maki

    Capcom leaked Resident Evil Zero already so.

    • DD-Indeed

      And of course, it would be natural way to give it same treatment, what they did for REmake. They don’t have to start from scratch.

  • Jason L.

    They should forget all these remasters and instead concentrate on remaking Resident Evil 2.

  • sliceanddice

    2 – rebuilt from the ground up. but really, new ips

  • huntermc

    Obviously, Biohazard: Gun Survivor 2 should be at the top of the list! Seriously, though, is there any correct answer other than RE2?

  • Lucas Fernandez

    well is simple CAPCOM can’t make a remake of RE3 because there isn’t a RE2 remake so……….is obvious, RE Zero or RE2, i will go for Zero because it is already done like RE Remake so they just have to remaster and ad new HD textures to the game, with that said, maybe we could have RE Zero HD remake for later this year

  • Jocifer666

    Resident Evil 2- though honestly, I’d rather see what else Mikami and Co. would do by combining further lost RE concepts into The Evil Within franchise. Much how RE 3.5 is loosely integrated into the first game, I’d like to see him continue that trend- as 3.5 sounds too good to lie dormant, and it would fit with the psychological qualities of The Evil Within’s world.

  • Richter Belmont

    I’d love to see RE5 and RE6 remastered into survival horror games. ; )

  • SaltSlasher

    I’d love an indie type game, in game store for 15$, like remakes of the old FPS Resident Evil games, like Dead Aim.

  • sur0x

    guys I found the Biohazard steamkey cheap here:

  • Anthony

    Seriously. Obviously 2 should be next.

  • Queen B

    Like the majority of us, I have to say the second one. It’s probably the most memorable one of the lot. Plus I love me some Claire Redfield 😀

  • Kiujazi

    Resident Evil 0, since I never got around to playing that one on the Gamecube, I’d love to give it a go if it was ‘Remastered’.

  • Johannna_L

    Resident Evil 0, seems to be the one Capcom makes next.

  • Mike Wilson-Barrett

    Best one in series of course RE3 then followed by RE2

  • I’d love to see them all remastered. Some more than other’s. But 3 is where it is at for me. I have very fond memories of that game, and come on you are hunted and followed the whole time. It’s fucking great. Any other title do that?

  • Taylor Kitchen

    they need to fully remake re2 and re3 like they did with resident evil 1 on gamecube.

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