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Former Capcom Writer Wants a ‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake

Old school survival horror returns today with the arrival of the Resident Evil HD Remaster, and as far as I can tell, there seems to be a near-universal agreement among the dwellers of the Internet that it’s one of the better updates we’ve seen yet. I’ve braved its darkened halls and found it especially easy to get lost in, even for a second (or third, fourth, fifth) time.

Capcom is surely already planning their next remaster, and there’s a small chance that Resident Evil Zero is next in line for an update. If that’s true, I imagine such a move wouldn’t be very popular among fans of the series where Resident Evil 2 is the clear favorite.

For Yasuhisa Kawamura, its Nemesis that he’d most like to see get an update. Kawamura has worked on a number of horror threequels during his tenure at Capcom, from Resident Evil 3 to Clock Tower 3, and even Dino Crisis 3, but we can forgive him for that. He’d also really like to see a remake of the game he worked on nearly two decades ago.

“To be honest, I would love to remake Biohazard 3 with today’s technology and skills,” explains Kawamura in a recent interview with Eurogamer. “However, Capcom would never try that, and I am not that much of a valuable member to Capcom. The [Resident Evil] series is created by Capcom’s most elite members. It’s hard to imagine myself fitting in with such a prestigious team. Even if I were to successfully work on a [Resident Evil 3] remake, there’s already Operation Racoon City and The Umbrella Chronicles.”

A little self-depricating, but I get his meaning.

We won’t know which game Capcom is turning their attention to next for a very long time. Whatever it is, if it’s as respectful to the series as the Resident Evil HD remaster is, I’m game.



    Why not remake zero, two and three. It’s what the fans of the series want anyways. Isn’t this capcom were talking about? All they do is remake old games like Mega man and Street fighter, why are the Resident evil remakes even being questioned? Seems like something they should have done already.

    • KnightOfTears

      They are actually doing a RE Zero HD Remake like they just did RE 1 HD which oddly enough released today.

  • Taboo

    I loved RE3 so I wouldn’t mind this at all 😀

  • bdwolfe312

    Three was the last truly great RE, imho. I would love to see that get the HD remake treatment. For two games, monsters could not open doors. Once on the other side of a door, safe. So, you’re playing brand new RE3…”STARRRRZZZ!” “AHHH the nemesis!!!” So you run into another room. “Phew, safe!” Then the door OPENS! “STAAAAAARRRRZZZZ!!” “AHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

    • bdwolfe312

      ….but yeah, Zero seems like an odd choice…I mean, a logical choice…that is, a logical choice AFTER already completing TWO, then THREE….

      • huntermc

        Zero is already Gamecube quality, which is basically comparable to the PS2. So assuming that their source material was rendered in higher quality, then there’s not as much to do in order to tweak it for the newer systems. RE2 & 3 though were both PS1 games, and will probably both need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Hopefully we’ll get all three eventually.

        • LordAlaster

          You all forget the wii version of 0 which was a little bit of an update.

    • Taboo

      You didn’t like Code Veronica? 😀

    • Josh

      How dare you dis Zero and Code Veronica which were amazing. And even though 4 was not a RE game at heart, it was it’s own type of game and great in it’s own right. Truly great, yes. CV was one of the best. I even liked it more than 2. Was one of the hardest if not the hardest

  • Jocifer666

    I would not object to a RE3 remake, or an RE2 Remake or an RE3.5 remake ;).

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    I’d like for them to remaster Haunting Ground, mainly because I’m having a tough time securing a copy of that game that isn’t super expensive.

  • sur0x

    guise Biohazard HD remaster steam key cheap here:

  • Anthony

    Let’s not skip 2… that would just be weird.

    • BloodyMcFlipp

      If it takes time to remake 2 properly, I’m all for releasing 3 first. Part 2 is/was/will ever be my fav of ’em all.

  • ThunderDragoon

    It depends on if this is successful or not. If it is, they’re probably going to remaster Zero next just because it’s the “easy” thing to do and then remake RE2 after that, which would require more time.

  • Hell-Scorpion

    Remake 2, 3 & Code: Veronica X!

  • Goo

    No Resident evil 2 needs the remake

    • byan

      No Resident evil 3 needs the remake

    • byan

      Resident Evil 3 is Scariest much than resident evil 2

    • Josh

      3 is better than 2 but 2 needs to come first then 3 cause I want the entire series to be remade

  • Guillermo Oliva III

    The Classic Resident Evil series of 1, 2, 3, and Code Veronica X should be remastered(I know the first one is already remastered ,but the other ones that come after should be remastered as well).

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    “there’s already Operation Racoon City and The Umbrella Chronicles.”

    Intense Cringing

  • HMH

    RE2 should get the remake treatment above all the others. I could see them doing a little bit of Alien Isolation with a RE3 remake where the Nemesis could pop up anywhere at random. That could really work.

  • JJ

    They need to make RE2 AND 3 and maybe code vx they just dont make games like this anymore and i think they need to go back to the old school as they have lost it in the last few games like 5 n 6 and all the other crap they made

  • capcomfan2010 .

    0 HD was leaked a while ago so I won’t be surprised if 2 and eventually get remakes.

  • Brandon Gibbs

    What I would like to see is the remake of Resident Evil 1 when at the beginning its all four stars members entering the mansion together regardless of who you play as.What I mean is Chris,Jill,Barry and Wesker at the start and at the last part Chris,Jill,Barry and Rebecca escaping together along with Brad in the helicopter of course.

  • Lumina

    it’s okey i want a remaster of 2-3 aswell….

  • Lim Go Halgreen

    remake of RE3 i would like to be more survival like alien isolation, jill wil be haunted by nemesis like alien isolation, creators should make it more on stealth, and jill will hide or she can fight back, i think nemesis will suit in that kind or genre

  • Fabian Valenzuela

    RE3 remake and life would be complete. That is all.

  • Armando R. Arroyo

    c’mon man… I want RE3 and code veronica x REMAKE!! u want the money we want the game!!!!!! give us the complete collections for ps4

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