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Arenas Run Red in the Latest ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Footage

Of all the virtual worlds video games have taken me, the one Mortal Kombat X is set in seems the most painful. Not a single combatant seems too bothered by the fact that Kung Lao has resorted to weaponizing his clothes, or that Kitana has a pair of fans that cut through bone like butter. Man-demons with stabby grapple chains and cyborgs with arsenals that rival the military might of small countries must’ve desensitized them to those horrors.

Anyway, here’s a new trailer for the upcoming game. Warner Bros. also wanted me to tell you that Goro lives on, but he’s been turned into a pre-order bonus. Poor guy.

Mortal Kombat X hits PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on April 14.


  • TheAcidSkull

    I need this game, and I need it right now.
    I want to crunch someone’s head with Goro!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Every time a new MK game is announced I get excited. I follow the promotional material up to it’s release, usually pre-order, go to the midnight release, treat it like a big event on social media. Then, I get the game home, play it for a few days and stop. Done.

    Anyone else rinse and repeat this process?

    • Timothy KingCraze Richardson J

      Nope… just you…. maybe you should stop waisting your time and money idiot…

    • Conqueror994

      its not a game you can play it alone for a long time! thats why you stop playing it.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        Thanks for the opinion. You’re the only person who decided not to be a lame smartass about it so I’ll respond: I don’t play it alone. I have several friends who are also fans along with dozens of online acquaintances. We all played part 9 for hours when it first came out. It just didn’t hold our interest for too long for whatever reason. The one before it was the same way. I dunno why. I used to be huge into the series.

        • Conqueror994

          I dont know what to say man.

          but for me i can play it with friends for hours or even days non stop. < exaggeration 🙂

          but last one was a bit like that for me too and best thing that im doing is that im not really gonna follow everything till it comes out, you know, cuz if we follow it too much, its like we're playing it for the whole time that it wasn't released yet and when we're going to play it for ourselves, there is nothing really special or new to explore cuz we know everything already without playing it. (I guess this is one of the most important things people lose interest in games.)

    • Chandler Of-Adelaide

      I’ve got friends to play it with so no.

  • sur0x

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