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5 Things I Want from the ‘Friday the 13th’ Video Game

It’s official. Slasher games are a thing, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say we’re witnessing the beginning of a brand new genre of horror games — or, perhaps more accurately, the return of a genre that’s been dead for decades.

It started with two radically different stabs (sorry) at breathing new life into the genre with
Splatter Camp, an 80’s style indie from the one-man team behind Babysitter Bloodbath, and the PS4-exclusive Until Dawn, from developer Supermassive Games.

November added two more games to the list, including Summer Camp and Last Year, the latter of which managed to raise over $114,000 on Kickstarter last month.

All these games seem to have inspired another as-of-yet unnamed developer to jump on the stabwagon (again, sorry), and this time it’s a name that’s known by any horror fan who’s worth their salt: Friday the 13th.

We don’t know much about Jason’s return to video games, but that’s not stopping me from wondering what could be. If you’d like to wonder with me, read on for my Friday the 13th video game wish list!

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  • Daniel Anderson

    Would be funny if it took the ‘behind the mask: Leslie Vernon’ approach.

    “Why do you have to do so much cardio?”

    “Sure, you’re walking towards them when they see you, but behind the scenes you have to run like a fricken Gizelle!”

  • Grimphantom

    What i want from the game is that you actually play the victim also would be nice if it had some story but still connecting from all the movies or at least till part 6 or 7. Of course would be if the bonus round is for you to play Jason himself. I know there’s a possibility you play Jason but i prefer if it’s when you finish the game as the victim and later turn into the killer.

    • Bouncy X

      they could do like they did on the last X-Files game. where there’s seperate paths and missions depending on which character you choose. so you could play as Jason and try and find victims. or play as any of a batch of victims, maybe each with their own little path to go through. you start off all together but as the horror cliche goes, gotta split up to find help!!!

  • diapers

    I’d like it to share similarities and pacing of the Thief games. Move slow, stick to the shadows, murder the councilors, hide the bodies.

    • Here is Subzero Now Plain 0

      that would be an interesting angle, because the general thought would probably be to play as a teenager using stealth to avoid Jason. Either way I’d play that. A multiplayer game might be fun, but it certainly wouldn’t be scary.

  • Adam Palkovits

    I’m hoping Jason will have a tool shed of weapon options from his entire Camp stalking career. Bonus kills in certain locations would be clever. Is it going too far to suggest bonuses for victims who are able to bang without being slaughtered?

  • James Johnson

    Single player is the main thing for me.

    • Here is Subzero Now Plain 0

      The multiplayer has me less intrigued than a suvival horror, Alien Isolation-in-the-woods type of game.

      • diapers

        Exactly my preference as well. I would estimate I’d play online 10% of the time.

    • ThunderDragoon

      Same here.

      • Brodequin

        And here πŸ™‚

        • diapers

          Here here!

  • Sweet Reaper

    I would like to have 2 choices for a single player campaign (greedy? yes. it’s a F13 game!!) the first being a create your own character, basically so you can make yourself into the game if you want, select a personality to decide what path, choices and consequences happen. So basically if you had a different personality playing the game through different personalities would have different outcomes but its up to you to survive. The second is a no brainer, play a campaign through as Jason himself. Maybe add some backstory/flashback missions, possibly even play as Mrs. Voorhees for a couple missions. Just a few things I think would be interesting. I just don’t know if my ideas are very appealing to other people though lol.

  • James

    While multiplayer sounds perfect (even if friends could play against a Jason with an AI like the recent alien isolation) a single player campaign feels like a must. Survive the night and see which leaders will survive. The game pretty much writes itself. We just need a solid foundation (especially an amazing camp setting), a solid, terrifying jason, and lots of weapons and hiding spots to ensure a full experience and lots of replay value.

  • Evan3

    What this game needs beyond all else is a bonus game set in space. Jason X as a film sucked. Jason X as a fun throwaway cornball bonus level? Genius.

    • Genius! Someone start a petition, this NEEDS to happen.

      • Evan3

        Really thrilled to get a featured comment on BD! Now, time to petition this fantasy into reality.

    • This screams DLC, and unlike all of Ubisofts shitty add-ons I’d gladly throw my money on this.

    • diapers

      The modding community could go nuts with this thing… if they don’t include a Jason X side mission, I could easily see modders making it happen. Ok, I’m going to need to take TWO weeks off from work when this gets released.

  • elsewhere

    Jason is always disappearing and reappearing. Does that constitute something supernatural? Also he’s known for implementing a multitude of things to kill his victims. Not just the machete.

  • marklola12 .

    I would have been all for Until Dawn on my ps4 if it wasn’t for the fact 80% of the game is just watching long video with button presses appearing on the screen the rest is just walking till you get to the next video and button mash

  • marklola12 .

    I think anyone with a brain who has watched the movies knows full well its not a case of him being a normal killer, hes obviously supernatural, how else can someone be running as fast as they can and him just walking slow then him being right infront of the person haha
    tbh the movies got boring after the 2nd one, same kills same bad acting and no imagination
    now nightmare on elm street series is the most superior horrow/slasher movies very creative and imaginative

  • Porty Guil

    6. gratuitous nudity

  • Aldo Abad Linares Ali

    Use to Manhunt as basis!!

  • Duvster

    OK, Here’s my take on it. You make a 3rd person switchable to 1st
    campaign/story mode with you, well Jason as the protagonist. You got
    objectives such as find better weapons and get upgrade points for damage
    and what not…Bla bla bla. Now, you integrate a multiplayer co-op
    mode were you have a bunch of camp counselors which are all players
    doing what counselors do “wink wink nudge nudge”. And like Evolve you
    have one player that is Jason. As we go on a rampage the counselors have
    to find a way to kill Jason.

  • redlefthand

    Playing as Jason defeats the whole purpose to me. There is no fear factor. I would much rather play a camp counselor. That is what made the original Nintendo version so scary to me as a kid. You knew Jason was lurking around camp somewhere waiting to kill you.

    • ShadowInc

      I agree. The object should be to survive. It might be neat if the early stage of the game you play as a counselor in the original F13TH film, and have to survive being killed by Mrs. Voorhees. She could be the first level boss you have to kill too.
      Then the next part of the story line could take place years later. You return to a newly reopened Camp Chrystal Lake, where you have to avoid being killed by Jason, attempt to save counselors, and eventually put Jason down.

  • Bampotsareyou

    Fade from black, deep space above Earth. Slowly descend towards the planet, through the clouds and over a desert, a town then flying through woods then over a misty lake towards a large wooden sign, the camera flips…you see the sign and it reads “Welcome to Camp Crystal lake”…a twig snaps behind you…you turn. There he stands – machete in hand – you try to move and slash, the screen fills with blood. pushes through the deep red, it takes you to the menu screen.

    You then choose to play as the killer or as a survivor. The training level is the First Friday and lets you play as a male or female survivor or as Jason’s Mum to learn how to play the game the way you want.

    Then the horror begins…

    Bonus levels after game is completed would be Jason X and at the end you’d return to the opening sequence.

  • Jake69

    Any idea what system(s) this game will b released on?

  • CrackTheSkye1990

    It’d be cool if it was like left 4 dead in the sense that you and 3 other counselors team up and have to save each other.

  • Jake

    I can’t see the whole slasher thing working considering the “victims” will be waiting for and expecting Jason, if you remember the first Friday, Mrs Voorhees had killed almost everyone before anyone noticed she’d killed anyone. Stealthy ninja one by one with the element of surprise, thats what made her successful until the final act when her demise came from talking too much, just can’t see it with REAL players. (my 2 cents or penny’s as I’m English)

    • Jake

      P.S. sorry to be that downer guy πŸ˜‰

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I would love to see the Alien Isolation team get the duty on making this game. They’ve proven they understand what it takes to satisfy the fans of a long-standing genre. Nostalgia is a huge part of it and they get that concept. I would love to see them recreate a 1980’s summer camp where you play as a counselor worrying all the time about where Jason is. And when you see him you nearly piss yourself and flee in terror, just like in the movies. I think actually playing as Jason should only be an option after you complete the single player story. Make us earn that novelty.

  • Victor

    Give it a 80’s vibe, stay true to Jason’s legacy, make the camp huge maybe even some underground tunnels as well to explore. Make it scary NOT CHEESY!!! Have Jason stalk you, kill you, chase you! Make us feel as if were really in a Friday the 13th movie. Character Selection should be an option kind of like make your counselor or camper, Have 2 story modes of course the role of the Victim being chased by Jason and also the 2nd story mode put us in Jason’s shoes!!! Now that is something that hasn’t really been done let alone promote this as a Friday the 13th Jason game, make it for platforms like Ps4, Xbox, PC and BAMMMM that game would bank so much $$$$$. But at the expense of actually making a freaking bad ass slasher game.

  • John Connor

    I want a Rockstar Games developed Friday The 13th game where you are amongst a group of horny teenage camp counselors and its open world so you can explore the camp and do all kinds of activities, have sex, peep in on others having sex, whatever. Play as a counselor, a kid, or Jason. Maybe even play as a dumbass cop, but that would be more of a minigame. Have an intricate story happen with many possibilities. It could be a re-creation of the first film or any of the films where Jason may not even be the killer. Later in the game, you can surprisingly branch out beyond Camp Crystal Lake to the city or something. Have Freddy make an appearance.

    Running through the film series’ scenarios with the different characters and styles of Jason. It would be awesome to be Tina and use telekinesis to fight Jason. Or play a hapless victim that leads him to a SWAT team that blows him up. I would want it to be totally open-ended though to where there is no set way, but seemingly infinite ways to play out. It would be great if they made a sequel where it becomes the future Jason in Jason X and you can go to different worlds as or against Jason, with so many possibilities.

    Goddammit, so much potential. I’m telling you, one day, this game will be made, its a question of whether its the right developers that will give it much respect and make it the dream game fans have been wanting. It’s gotta be a living, breathing world like a GTA, Saints Row, or Arkham City.

  • jurgmandr

    Crystal Lake Entertainment just filed an intellectual dispute against the game Last Year for supposedly using Friday the 13th assets. I’m positive it has more to do with the fact they’re trying to release an asymmetrical multiplayer game just like Last Year…

    Here’s some screenshots :

  • Sick_skwerl

    Great ideas! I can see this being great. Imagine him stalking behind you like a Working Joe. Slowly, silently and completely fucking terrifying.

  • ShadowInc

    “Don’t give him supernatural powers”
    Technically, Jason is already supernatural. He is maimed, and killed multiple times, and yet he keeps coming back.

  • Hovercraft55

    Considering they just filed a legal claim against the creator of kickstarter funded game “Last Year” I definitely won’t be buying this game…

  • Ryan Lennon

    I say just don’t let this end up broken like Damned, I bought that game with such high hopes, then it was a broken piece of crap with a cool concept. Please don’t let this turn out the same and that’s all I’m asking for.

  • Dalinkwent

    I would have it where the players strategy is not only to survive the incident, but save as many characters as possible and build up enough experience points to be able to “kill” Jason. You can fight back, but its futile and forces you to run. The only issue I see with the game is it being set in one place. Crystal Lake. If they make is big and diverse enough, it could work. You should also have the option of playing as Jason and being able to use the surroundings as weapons and ways to kill people. Think of Hitman Absolution but with Jason. This could also be a mutilplayer feature.

  • Kryptonian

  • Anthony Caputa

    Unless we’re talking about a different game completely, the game is titled “Slasher Volume 1: Summer Camp,” while it’s going to play HUGE into Friday the 13th, it’s not ACTUALLY a Friday the 13th game. I’d be VERY surprised to the killer walking around sporting the actual mask considering that would probably lead to lawsuits.

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