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[FEAR Awards] The Worst Horror Games of 2014!



Last year left us with a bunch of great horror games, and like every year before it, some steamy turds were dropped on us as well. A couple of the most abysmal titles were about on par with the worst of 2013, and that’s a serious accomplishment for a year that vomited up both Aliens: Colonial Marines and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

In my opinion, there are a few games on the list below that are worthy of this title, but I’ll leave it to your clicker finger to select the year’s worst offender.

Greatest Gore | Scariest Game | Best Monster | Best Multiplayer | Most Original
Best DLC | Best New IP | Most Disappointing | Best Indie | Horror Game of the Year

For the unfamiliar, The FEAR Awards is your chance to pick the best and worst horror games of the year. I’ll reveal a new category and its respective nominees every day until Jan 10. From there, voting will remain open until Jan 15, followed by a reveal of all of the winners on Jan 16.