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These ‘Resident Evil Revelations 2’ Monsters May Ruin Your Appetite

Capcom seems to be taking a page or two out of Silent Hill’s book on freaky ass creature design, because the creatures that star in this latest batch of art and screenshots that were posted on the official Resident Evil Facebook are just gross enough that I could mistake a few of them as belonging to our favorite foggy town.

These baddies are but a sampling of the ugly faces Resident Evil Revelations 2 will throw at us when its first episode debuts on February 17. For the full release schedule, head over here.


  • Brian Taylor

    Looks awesome! It’s a good time to be an RE fan, especially with the HD REmake this month.

  • Taboo

    I’m loving these monster designs. Creepy!

  • I am sorry but I think we have the same case here with “The evil within”. It seems that the makers of the game are trying too hard to make the monsters scary and they actually fail. Weird walking, excessive tissue damage, spikes, white eyes, covered in blood. Of course maybe in the context of the game they might look more integrated with the atmosphere but currently..meh. That’s why Outlast succeeded in my opinion. Just crazy people with scars.

    • Trix

      The evil within had near no sense of plot and gave you too much power, it suffers from many different problems such as.. Trying to be a half arsed version of RE4…

      • Agreed and it came too forced. Let’s make the most horrific over the top scary world with random creepy pictures and we got a success. Shame as the story felt a bit of Silent Hill/Resident Evil hybrid. The only good thing was the boss battles.

  • Bob Cassella

    While they look cool and all, I see less Resident Evil and more Silent Hill and Dead Space in these designs than anything else.

    • Trix

      I don’t, silent hill and dead space are much different moods, the revenats look to moce a lot differently to say the nurses or dead spaces aliens.

      Dont forget these arent ALL the enemies, there are zombies too and more! ^^

  • Megaonan

    What are you talking about, they look delicious….

  • Brodequin

    All of them looks like kebabs, sausages or pizzas with rusty nails toppings hehehe

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