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‘Silent Hill: Downpour’ Has Vanished from Xbox Live

A couple readers have pointed out the recent disappearance of Silent Hill: Downpour from the Xbox Live store. I was able to confirm it’s no longer available where I am, and that Silent Hill: Homecoming and the Silent Hill HD Collection haven’t vanished with it, but the reason for its sudden removal is still a mystery.

My guess is this is just another example of a license expiring. That sometimes happens around this time of the year.

I’ve reached out to Konami for a comment, I’ll update this story if/when I hear back.


  • Phendranah

    Strange, I wonder if we will see anything else be taken off of digital sellers in the near future.

  • ThunderDragoon

    On the subject of that HD set, did they ever patch the issues wrong with it?

    • I’m pretty sure the HD Collection was patched on PS4, but if I remember correctly, Konami decided not to fix the 360 version. No idea why.

  • Megaonan

    So if i bought this on demand, basically its gone and i will never download/play it again, unless i buy a physical copy? is that correct?

    • GreigShelob

      Not necessarily. Sometimes things are deleted from the marketplace but are still on the servers. You may still be able to download it by going to your download/purchase history on the console. I’ve done that for a few things in the past, but this might be a different situation.

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