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‘Resident Evil 4′ HD Project Releases Village Update

If video games were people, Resident Evil 4 would resemble one of those leathery-faced elective surgery addicts. This game has been tweaked, remastered and ported more times than I have the energy to count right now, and I’m sure it’s latest HD re-release on Steam won’t be the last.

Capcom has given Resident Evil 4 a considerable amount of attention since its release in 2005, but the value of each iteration has left many fans disappointed. The RE4 HD Project aims to change that by bringing the community together so this game — one of the all-time greats — can get the makeover it deserves. Their labor is even beginning to bear fruit.

Last month, they released the Village portion of the game, which they say covers the first third of the game, along with a video for easy comparing of the original game with the fan remaster.

If you have a PC copy of Resident Evil 4 you’d like to upgrade, this pack can be downloaded here.


  • Brodequin

    WHY??? Why not yet released on phone, tablet, microwave, washing mashine or anything that have LCD screen???

  • skapoo

    I bought it for the PS3 cause I was led to believe it was an HD remaster and i’m like oh ive seen those before, usually they put better textures, improve the main character models, etc, nothing huge just stuff to make it look a little better.
    … what I got was an upscaled port, the same ps2 build upscaled to 1080p. What this HD project shows is exactly what I was expecting.

  • Krug09

    I will stick with my PS2 copy of this masterpiece.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That first sentence is your best joke yet. Too funny lol.

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