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‘Dollhouse’ is Like a Stephen King Fever Dream



Today I’d like to introduce you to an eerie little game called Dollhouse. I stumbled across it while perusing the latest additions to Steam Greenlight, which I sometimes do even though I have a tendency to spend way too much time exploring the stranger titles Greenlight has to offer.

Dollhouse is essentially an amalgam of things that I love. Its Steam page mentions Stephen King as a source of inspiration, its world is randomly generated for every playthrough and its non-linear narrative ensures the story will unfold differently each time.

There’s nothing wrong with a developer that’s willing to borrow their ideas so long as they’re also willing to give their own twist on those ideas. For example, the characters in Dollhouse have the ability to temporarily see through the eyes of the enemy. That’s clearly from Siren, only in this game, “sight-jacking” a baddie also lets that baddie see where you are.