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‘NightCry’ Monster Art from Pyramid Head Creator Masahiro Ito

Last week brought the surprise re-reveal of NightCry (formerly known as Project Scissors), the spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series. The project has some big names attached to it, including Clock Tower series creator Hifumi Kono and director Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On, The Grudge), who directed its live-action teaser.

Making everything better is famed creature artist, Masahiro Ito. This is the guy behind Pyramid Head’s design, so I’m really looking forward to seeing his take on the series’ comically large shears-wielding antagonist in NightCry.

Below you’ll find a picture of Ito with some concept art that was posted on the game’s Twitter page prior to its announcement last week. What do you think?



  • Cheshire TrollCat

    I’m going to get a LOT of hate from this… Meh
    Also look how big his head is!!! It must be the angle.

    • Masahiro Ito is basically Pyramid Head’s dad, so I’d be careful with your BLASPHEMY, sir.

      • Cheshire TrollCat

        So he drew Pyramid head with his sperm? What a terrifying image. He truly is the master of horror. Seriously though, i don’t find it that innovative or creative. I feel Laura from the The Evil Within is the best design for a monster in years. The artist who drew her definitely deserves a raise, whatever her name is.

        • I’m not in love with the design either, I was just being a dick. Laura’s a great pick though. So creepy.

          • Ima Badlady

            But to be fair though, the basic premise of Clock Tower wasn’t focused on the Scissorman’s appearance. I mean in the first game the guy looked like a pug nosed Angus Young, but that didn’t make the game any less terrifying.

  • TheAcidSkull

    Wait, I’m confused, is this a live action trailer for a game, or a movie?

    • NightCry is a video game, it’s just its live-action teaser that was made by a film director.

      • TheAcidSkull

        And just like that, I’m excited now. Haven’t played Clock Tower tho.

        • Clock Tower 3 was played by about a dozen people when it released in 2003, so I’m sure you’re not alone!

          • TheAcidSkull

            How this game is lenient to newcomers :P. Still, I’m a huge fan of creatively designed monsters, which is a huge reason why I loved The Evil Within, so I’m very excited for this! 🙂

          • Dracongard .

            Well the originals were pretty much a point and click adventure with quick time event moments, but they were brutal non descriptive events. I still love playing the playstation one version without walkthroughs and is still a blast to play.

  • Phendranah

    I hope this game takes off! I’ve (SHAAAAMEFULLY!) Never played a Clock Tower game.. Aaand I can’t see myself getting one of the older ones anytime soon. So hopefully NightCry Makes me… Cry at Night.. >.>

    • Ima Badlady

      If you really wanted to check out the first Clock Tower, you can play it online without having to download or buy anything. I played CT on Let’s Play SNES Online and I really enjoyed it. The only hitch is that you have to finish the game in one sitting since you can’t save.

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