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Some Horror Art to Help Ease You into the New Week



Many of us learned to hate Mondays from a very early age. I wasn’t crazy about them because Mondays meant more school, and the idea of spending the best part of my day in a way-too-quiet classroom feigning interest while an underpaid teacher valiantly tries to show me how to find the square root of a rhombus, or whatever math was supposed to be about.

Had little me known of the healing powers of horror art back then, I have no doubt that he would’ve gone on to become a U.S. Senator, maybe even President. Instead, I became a man-child who’s ordered enough pizza for the delivery guy to recognize me.

If you don’t want pizza delivery guys to recognize you, I suggest you take a minute or two to peruse this horror art from Belgian artist Vlad Jartsev.

For more of Vlad’s work, check out his gallery.