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‘Alien: Isolation’ Season Pass is Half-Off On Xbox Live

Sega has just dropped the price of the Alien: Isolation season pass to $15 (reg. $30) on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but not for very long. The deal expires this Wednesday (Jan 7), so there isn’t a lot of time to take advantage of it.

Purchasing the season pass will unlock all five DLC packs as they become available. So far, Corporate Lockdown and Trauma have released, with Safe Haven, Lost Contact and The Trigger scheduled to drop by March 15.


  • Phendranah

    Any idea if pc will get the same deal?

    • This is only for Xbox Live right now, but I’ll let you know if that changes.

      • Phendranah

        Great thanks Adam!

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Are the DLC’s better than the base game? I surely hope so cos otherwise no dice.

  • Vicente Garcia

    ME: I want them!
    ME: Oh wait, I forgot I sold Isolation last month once I realized it had no real replay value.

  • This game has been heavily criticized across the web, although I really enjoy playing it. There may not be any real action with the aliens, but it’s so damn scary!

    • Whiskeyriver

      Heavily criticized across the web? by CoD playing12 year old kids who doesn’t understand subtlety, atmosphere, tension, and what makes great gameplay? I bet they’d go and watch Psycho call it “crap” because there weren’t enough killings, gore and flying limbs to go around.

      • Yeah i read some negative reviews on release a good while ago but I agree with you. There are too many people who don’t appreciate the structure of some games. CoD players only focus on what maps and guns they like, however with this game we completely appreciate the atmosphere and scares because that’s what makes it so good! CoD fans will be negative towards this game because there is not a lot of gun action with aliens. It’s more intriguing though and in my opinion more detailed as you have to complete objectives by finding key objects and finding your way around whilst being unknowingly stalked by some horrible creatures. It’s a fantastic game in my opinion.

  • ultrazilla2000

    I still don’t have this yet…hoping for a collector’s edition with all the DLC included at some point.

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