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‘The Forest’ to Bring its Cannibal Holocaust to PS4



I just realized I missed a pretty sizable announcement from last month, so here’s me making that up to you. Also, sorry. December was a crazy month for me — and most of you, I’m sure — and in all that insanity I seemed to have overlooked the announcement that the the open-world survival horror game The Forest is headed to the PS4 later this year.

Endnight Games co-founder Anna Terekhova broke the news on the PlayStation Blog, where she also detailed some of the things we can expect from its console debut.

The Forest has already benefited from the seven months it’s spent on Steam Early Access, and it’ll only get better on PS4. The game will make use of the PS4’s share functionality, giving players the ability to “show off the bases they have built, the places they’ve encountered or just how many trees they’ve cut down,” writes Terekhova. “In multiplayer, hearing the crackling walkie-talkie out of the dual shock controller adds an extra layer of realism, and brings players deeper into the experience.”

No word on a release date yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s at least a couple months out. Endnight Games is continuing to use community feedback to help guide its development on PS4, so if you have an idea you think they need to hear, now is the time to share it.