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An SNES Made to Look Like Dracula’s Tomb



I feel like I should start this off by reminding you that it’s never too late to get your favorite writer a Christmas gift, and that if you need an idea of what to get him, you may want to consider this extremely cool SNES that’s been modded by graphic designer Vadu Amka to look like Dracula’s tomb. This beauty isn’t just another retro gaming console, and it’s more than just a love letter to the Castlevania games — it’s a work of art.

It’d also look great literally anywhere in my apartment, if you were curious.

For any hands-on types who may be looking at this and wondering how you can make one of your own, it’s made from a mix of resin and acrylic and a post on its maker’s website claims the thing took about 80 hours to complete.

More pics can be found right here.