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Share Your 2015 Gaming Resolutions!



Like every other broken person who’s ever made a foolish attempt to use the New Year to try and fix themselves, I haven’t stuck to even one of the myriad resolutions I’ve set for myself over the years. I don’t think a resolution has ever lasted more than two months, because apparently, that’s the amount of time it takes for me to go back to my old ways.

Part of the problem is I am insanely good at coming up with excuses. I’ve turned the act of finding a way to free myself from my own expectations into an art form, it’s really quite beautiful.

I’ve decided resolutions aren’t for me, because following through with them would require more than the modicum of effort that I’m willing to put in.

All of that was just a long-winded way of letting you know that this is as good a time as any to share your resolutions with the world. It could be as simple as finally getting around to the dreaded video game backlog every gamer has, or something a bit more complicated, like building a 1:1 scale replica of the Spencer mansion in Minecraft.

If I had to come up with my own resolutions, they’d probably read something like “Get better at playing spooky scary games,” because I got my ass kicked more often than I care to admit in both Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within.

How about you?