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[FEAR Awards] The Most Horrific Monsters of 2014!



Much of the time, horror games are only as effective as their antagonist(s). A stellar cast of baddies can be enough to forgive a flawed horror game, just as a poorly realized cast can ruin an otherwise good one. Silent Hill: Downpour, for example, could’ve claimed a spot among the franchise’s best games, had it not stumbled so spectacularly with its creature designs.

I’ve gathered five horror game antagonists that were especially memorable — help us decide which one did it best by voting below!

Greatest Gore | Scariest Game | Best Monster | Best Multiplayer | Most Original
Best DLC | Best New IP | Most Disappointing | Best Indie | Horror Game of the Year

For the unfamiliar, The FEAR Awards is your chance to pick the best and worst horror games of the year. I’ll reveal a new category and its respective nominees every day until Jan 10. From there, voting will remain open until Jan 15, followed by a reveal of all of the winners on Jan 16.