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‘Silent Hill: Cold Heart’ Pitch Teases What Could’ve Been



Before we came to know it by its Shattered Memories title, this woefully underrated entry in Konami’s beloved survival horror series was first known as Silent Hill: Cold Heart. Video games change all the time during development, and this game was no exception, though it looks like it did manage to retain a couple of its core ideas along the way, such as the themes of ice and cold.

Almost everything else was changed however, including its being a reimagining of the first Silent Hill — a move that wasn’t part of developer Climax Studios’ original concept. Combat was also a planned feature, though anyone who’s played Shattered Memories knows that was removed entirely from the final product.

Everything you see in the gallery below once belonged to the developer’s 14-page pitch to Konami. The document, which was posted by the fan site Silent Hill Memories, offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the very early stages of the game’s development.

Would you have liked to see this come to fruition, or are you happy with the game we got?