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I Share None of ‘Dying Light’s New Year Resolutions

Techland and Warner Bros. continue to impress me with the sense of humor they have on display in their series of videos for Dying Light, which I can now giddily say is coming this month. In the latest video, we’re treated to a rundown of some of its New Year resolutions, some of which don’t sound all that appealing to a hopelessly lazy, pizza-loving ogre such as myself.

Exercise more? Eat healthier? No thanks!

Dying Light arrives on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 27.


  • Chip Draper

    I’m really starting to lose any and all hope for this game.. I don’t get why recently we can only do Zombies with “Humor” in Games, This just looks like DEAD ISLAND: THE REDUNDANCY. I want a legit Open world Zombie game that’s Dead pan and scary there are so many other ways to go with this I would rather not keep playing the same game over and over again anddd TECHLAND.

  • sur0x

    dudes check out cheap dying light here !

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