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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 3’ is Coming

I’m beginning to wonder if Five Nights at Freddy’s series creator Scott Cawthon ever sleeps. He was able to churn out two of 2014’s most terrifying indies a scant three months apart and now he’s started teasing a third visit from Freddy Fazbear and Friends.

At this rate, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 will arrive in about the same amount of time.


I really enjoyed the first two games. They’re refreshing and different in a way that indies are really only capable of and they’re also alarmingly adept at making me want to swear off horror games entirely. Almost.


  • MaryMaria

    Nice! Looking forward to the gameplay video, Adam!

    • Just when I thought I was free of it. I was going to live a normal life, a quiet life. But now I’ve been pulled back in. Damn you, Freddy. DAMN YOU!

      • Phendranah

        One does not simply escape Freddy…

  • Henry Marden

    We’re going to have a million of these, aren’t we?

  • Vicente Garcia

    It was pretty damn amazing (not to mention unheard of) at how fast FNAF2 was announced and released. In age of games being delayed for YEARS, this guy can knock out a scarier game than any of the AAA developers–in a few months.

  • ineedgames

    a bit milking isn’t it?

    • lord schtick of dhicks

      How? The games are cheap, small in content, easy to create, and the story is really good. Milking it would be Call of Duty.

      • CTHL

        Pretty sure releasing 3 iterations of the same cheap and easy to make game in 1 year is exactly that. Your ever hated CoD can’t even say that for itself (though it has plenty of overpriced map packs to make up for it).

        • O515

          Regardless of whether you like the games (I’m personally not a big fan of how the second one is essentially the same as the first, with even less stategy), I think it’s a disservice to indie gaming to compare it to companies like Ubisoft or EA. Assuming Cawthon prices FNaF3 similarly to the other two, the combined price of those three games at launch would be less than half of a single AAA game.

          He isn’t the best indie developer, and he does seem to have latched onto this since his Christian games were flops, but he’s doing what he loves and hasn’t (yet) revealed himself to be a massive jackass like many indie developers. Gotta give some kudos for that

    • Jared Kamina Scott

      Compare this to Angry Birds in ‘Milking a series’

  • Sick_skwerl

    I showed a few people your play through of these games on New Years for all the great jump scares.

  • vmackey

    Hey Guys. I know it’s not the subject, but big question: Why don’t you review horror books? You review comics, music, video games (maybe a bit too much, actually), but no books, or only very occasionally, when there is tons of excellent horror books that come out every year. Don’t like to read? it would be cool if you can hire one or two writers that would only reviews and talk about it. i’m sure some passionate writers would even blog about it for free on BD. What do you think?

  • Taboo

    I’m going to give Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 a try on my android. Wish me luck 😀

    • Phendranah

      Careful not to drop your phone 😛

  • Rob

    I feel like I’m the only one who thinks FNAF is a bit overrated. For whatever reason neither game scared me.

    • CTHL

      Overrated is underselling it, I think they’re fucking awful games…

      I thought people were just liking it because it was so hilariously terrible, but apparently not. Sometimes humanity confuses me.

      • Jason Mounce

        It’s likely one of those things that excite people because it’s crafted well, came out at a perfect time and have an interesting depth of story hidden underneath everything like layers of an onion. The amount of detail in the story and plot will escape most people, you should give the video ‘Game Theory: FNAF 2, Gaming’s Scariest Story SOLVED!’ by The Game Theorists a look-at. It’s a good watch in my eyes.

        • CTHL

          It does have a decent minimalist story, I’ll admit.

          Game is still terrible though :-/ I mean, It’s more fun to watch them on youtube than to actually play.

          • Jason Mounce

            That is typically how I do it, I mean, you don’t have to play it to enjoy it, especially if it’s simply not your cup of tea, I just watch Markiplier play it simply. Get enough entertainment from that as is, as I do like the story and wonder where it’s coming, I just am hoping Scott/the creator gets a bit more creative with the next game, likely another prequel. It’ll get harder and harder to top off having as many robots as the 2nd had without it being broken or without it being a simple process to beat it that’s repetitive as people discovered after the scare-and-wonder-factors wore off.

        • Nahuel Benvenuto

          it has ZERO story

          • Jason Mounce

            Ignorance never helps anyone, Nahuel. Just because you have ‘ZERO’ IQ doesn’t mean spouting nonsense makes it a valid opinion.

          • Nahuel Benvenuto

            insults never helps anyone, Jason, the game has no story, no sense, the gameplay sucks, you just press a button and wait to die, the best horror game that has been made in a long time is Outlast, now that is an indie game well made and scary as fuck

          • Jason Mounce

            Insults can help point out that someone blunt out there is kind enough to have devoted the attention to inform you that you’re causing conflict by the very way you perceive the world and how your perception is flawed and are being given a nudge that something is improper, likely needs changing. Putting it kindly or giving it roughly, the result is the same.

            The game has a story, again, ignorance never settles a question. Just because you’re clueless to the game having an actual story/plot, as I even showed to CTHL below who recognized what I’m talking about, doesn’t mean your ‘opinion’ is valid, you’re simply wrong and have yet to realize it, so, again, realize you’re wrong and stop being ignorant, please and kindly.

            Outlast to me, is not scary at all and tries too hard – Just because you dislike the style or genre of a game does not make it ‘bad’, nor does it make it trendy or make you cool like a hipster to hate on it, ‘haters gonna hate’ is I guess all you’re amounting to be? Must be a good life. The trendy thing to do these days is hating on FNAF, whereas every regular gamer out there can simply ignore it if it’s not their thing, we have hipster-nobodies getting on a soapbox, professing how they dislike it even if their reasoning is broken and their logic flawed. If you don’t like it, cry me a river in the corner, the least you could do is not be as ignorant as you make yourself out to be.

    • Kåre Kristensson

      You’re not the only one, I don’t have much love for it either.
      Sure, it may have plenty of lore hidden in it, but that still isn’t enough to get me interested as the gameplay just boils down to power management and the same old jump scares.
      Even The Evil Within does a better job at being scary with its creepy enviroments and subject matter.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        While I also find Five Nights at Freddy’s to be just pretty silly and not scary whatsoever, The Evil Within is not something I’d say is any better. It disappointed me. Rather lame and generic. To be fair, at least FNAF the first time around had an interesting concept. The Evil Within, I can’t even remember much of it was so bland. Except Reborn Laura. Her design is pretty cool.

        • TheAcidSkull

          Huh, really? I had a different experience from you I guess. I loved the Evil Within. I thought it was a challenging and creative experience.

          • LoveAnimation

            Same here i really loved The Evil Within.

  • kristie

    My son loves these games…

  • ChasingTheGhost

    I’m excited. Love watching gameplay on youtube.

  • rita7211

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  • ohitsmerenz

    The first one was a classic. Second one is just okay. But bringing a third one would be milking the franchise. But i hope they innovate, not just using the FNAF template and adding little more details

  • Adam Clifton

    Five Nights At Freddy’s tricked me into thinking its a new A Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Tricky bastards 🙁

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    someone made a sequel? this game was nonsensical, repetitive, and stupid, it relies only on jump scares, it sucked, i played like 10 minutes and no more thank you very much

    • sportakus1

      “someone made sequel”
      The someone is scott himself who made the first game.
      They why it “sucks” for someone and for someone is “great horror” game,because some people doesn´t get heart attack if something pops up.

    • Hunter Wilson

      Are your favorite games on

      You obviously haven’t played this game.

      • Nahuel Benvenuto

        i played the game, like 10, maybe 15 minutes, it got boring very fast, it sucks

        • Hunter Wilson

          You don’t understand the deeper meaning of the game.
          Yes, there is one, believe it or not.

  • BossWalrus

    I’m really excited. I love these games, especially the lore. It seems like a very well crafted story and I’m so amped to see how it continues. I keep reading how everyone says Scott is just “Milking It” by releasing a third and I don’t get that. If he has the time and the ideas, then why shouldn’t he continue making it? It’s not like FN2 was bad (unless you don’t like the game, then you’ll disagree 🙂 ) as it holds a higher approval rating on Steam than the first one. Five Nights at Freddy’s is Walrus Approved!

  • Yomi

    There really is a third one coming?
    Man, I really liked the first one; it was balanced, had a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, and brought something interesting to the table. Plus the lore was a nice touch that I feel added to the eeriness
    The second one, however, I didn’t like as much; there was just way too much going on. Seriously, having to keep track of 11 animatronics was just overboard to me. It felt like you couldn’t appreciate the atmosphere because along with checking the cameras, you were also too busy with keeping Foxy at bay with the flashlight, putting on the mask so you could keep the others away, AND keeping the Marionette in check by winding the music box. I feel it lacked what the first Freddy’s had: balance and a sense of some control and strategy. Not to mention the lore got confusing due to FNAF 2 actually being a prequel. I DID enjoy the creepy little minigames that you could play after dying, though.
    I love FNAF, but I’m not so sure how to feel about this third installment. I just hope that Scott is able to innovate and doesn’t just make FNAF-except-overboard and is able to put the lore back together again in a way that’s not so confusing

    • Dení Ojeda Hernandez

      You should really check out MatPat’s explanation of this in Game Theory, he really makes you understand WHY FNAF2 was like that, and trust me, it gets creepier.

      • Yomi

        Oh, thanks, it helped to clear some things up 🙂
        But I can’t quite get behind the theory that it was the Phone Guy who did it. The first FNAF states that the killer was able to be identified through the surveillance cameras and was arrested the very next day after he committed the murders, so I don’t really think that it was the Phone Guy who did it

    • Buzzek

      If you don’t like too many animatronics, there is propably only one in FNAF3 😐

      • Yomi

        Hmm, that sounds like it could be an interesting concept, just so long as it’s back to being balanced and atmospheric
        Read the summary for FNAF 3 and I’m curious to see how Scott is gonna do this

  • springtrap101

    Guys guys I have fnaf 3 for my computer (yes it is out) and it’s so SCARY like year the new animatronic is cool the hallucinations are awesome you think they will kill you but they don’t IT’S SO COOL!!!!

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