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‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ and ‘AvP’ (2010) Are No Longer On Steam

While I’d like to believe that the recent removal of Aliens vs. Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines — two near-universally maligned games that are perhaps best left forgotten — from the Steam store was due to the fact that they’re both awful and completely unworthy of anyone’s time, my guess is Sega just needs to renew their license.

Whatever the reason is behind their delisting, it hasn’t affected Alien: Isolation or Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000, and since those are the only two Aliens games that are worth playing, I recommend you look there to get your bug-squashing fix.

I was able to confirm that both games are still available on other platforms, including PS3 and Xbox 360, but seriously, don’t spend your money on them.


  • Taboo

    My brother decided to get Colonial Marines at our local grocery shop for $5 because he wanted to see why so many hated it. I think he now understands, he hasn’t played it since lol

  • Phendranah

    Woowww its gone all gone, ByeBye… Cya later!……. I didn’t mind AVP 2010 but good ridence to ACM.

  • Richter Belmont

    That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over, what the fuck are we supposed to do now, huh, what are we gonna do?

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    I enjoyed playing AvP 2010, it felt rushed and incomplete but still fun. It’s definitely not universally panned because Angry Joe gave it a pretty good review.

  • Rowan/LSWSjr

    Seriously, you think Rebellion’s AvP ‘Classic’ 2000 is one of the good ones?!?

    In my opinion (as someone who’s played almost all of the non-arcade Alien and Predator games over the last 25 years) it was a terribly flawed game, often to the point where it hurt one’s enjoyment: Facehuggers that could only be killed by running over them repeatedly whilst shooting the ground; the Marine’s weapons and armour defaulted to just a Pulse Rifle between levels, dropping everything you’d amassed and conserved; the Xeno-borg were broken one-glance killers; Marine levels are too dark, unlike the Alien and Predator levels, and the flares are useless; and it still suffers numerous glitches, many resulting in invisible enemies.

    In comparison, Rebellion’s AvP 2010 had far superior game-play, which had little to do with hardware improvements, even if they still couldn’t design a satisfying Queen boss battle for the marines… again.

    Alien Resurrection and Alien Trilogy are also two worth mentioning, the former was pretty bad and the latter was actually pretty fun for a Doom clone.

    I’m also one of the few to have admittedly enjoyed AL()ENS: Colonial Marines: I didn’t care about AI glitches (the PS3 code’s fault) or lower textures (from 360 and PS3 hardware limitations) because the game was still playable from start to finish; I’m happy they undid a pointless death, yay retcons; it arguably has the second best multiplayer (after Monolith’s AvP 2); it finally lets us seal doors with the welder and use Power Loaders (the first for any Aliens FPS), even if it’s just for short pre-determined sections; it gave us in impressive and varied, modifiable armoury to equip our marines from, including Sentry Guns we could redeploy over and over till they ran dry; it gave us plenty of mission variation, with “The Raven” being a particular highlight; the Stasis Interrupted DLC offers some excellent storytelling; and unlike Rebellion’s two AvP games, the marine’s ultimate confrontation with the Queen requires more strategy than AvP 2000’s flicking two switches (A:CM has three switches and lasts slightly longer :P) or AvP 2010’s shoot an immobile Queen who needs Facehuggers to fight for her (2010’s Facehuggers are also easier to kill).

    Let’s be clear about all the A:CM problems: Am I annoyed that resources were funneled from A:CM to Borderlands 2? Yes, and shouldn’t that be illegal; Am I annoyed all parties involved kept pointing the finger at each other? Yes, grow up; Am I annoyed they killed an Aliens RPG for A:CM? Yes, this franchise needs more games that aren’t just another FPS; Am I annoyed the final product suffered greatly from being ported to the Last Gen consoles? Oh hell yes; and Am I annoyed that they ‘lied’ to us with the ads and previews? No, not one single bit, that’s what marketing’s supposed to do, sell us hype, I still can’t believe there was a stunned uproar of people amazed that lies might be used to sell products!!!

    Monolith’s AvP 2 is still the best FPS that franchise has: it’s multiplayer is fun, if sometimes unbalanced; it interwove multiple stories better than most games that try; it was dripping with atmosphere; it allowed you to play through the entire Xenomorph life cycle; you could carry every weapon; and there weren’t any particularly annoying issues… Oh wait, I thought of one, its never been on Steam!!! 🙁

    I own every one of these games on Steam, and I hope one day AvP 2 might join my Steam library as well. That said, every one of these games has their faults, it just seems people are obsessed with claiming A:CM stinks more than the rest, and that’s just stupid.


    P.S. Alien: Isolation is brilliant, not even going to question that.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    AvP 2010 was playable. I remember renting it when it came out (remember rental stores!?) and thought to myself that this was probably as good as an Alien game would ever be. Glad I was proven wrong with Isolation. To hell with CM and everyone involved with that abortion.

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    Both games are supposedly back on Steam now. I don’t have a computer so I can’t confirm it but that’s what AvPGalaxy says.

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