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‘Resident Evil Zero’ May Be Next in Line for a Remaster

Capcom may have plans to follow up their HD re-release of the Resident Evil remake with a remaster of its prequel, Resident Evil Zero. Evidence of another remaster was found and detailed in a post on NeoGAF after the publisher updated the Japanese website for the HD remake, which included a special pre-order theme featuring a PS4 menu icon that looks eerily similar to the Resident Evil Zero logo.


I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but remastering Zero before Resident Evil 2 — a fan-favorite, especially among Bloody Disgusting’s readers — seems like an odd move. An HD-ified Resident Evil 2 is what the people want!


  • judeau13

    This is great news (if it is true)! I did not buy a Gamecube and thus missed out on RE:0, so being able to play it on my Xbox One will be the surprise gift of 2015. While I love RE2, I want that game to get a complete graphical overhaul not just an HD polish.

  • Vicente Garcia

    I’m 19, and therefore part of a generation that started with the ps2/360. I missed RE0, RE2, RE3, and would love nothing more than to play them for the first time in HD!!

  • Phendranah

    I’d love to see RE 0 get a hd makeover. That game is seriously awesome and I swear more people need to give it a shot!

  • Taboo

    Man I really hope this is true because this is the one RE I’ve always wanted to play. I remember back when I had it for Gamecube I would watch my brother play it because I was too much of a sissy back then to even try it out. I know how sad… lol

  • ThunderDragoon

    It makes sense to me, considering Zero is already made, might as well release it first. RE2 will have to be a complete remake as opposed to a remaster, so it would be made from the ground up. I played Zero when it first came out, but I didn’t play much of it, so it’ll be awesome to play it on a PS4.

    • Titchwolf Fenriz

      Resident evil zero isn’t as bad as people make out but I totally agree that they need to do this. First and zero will get the needed attention it missed on gamecube and wii and then may even prompt them to do the remake of 2. And who knows? maybe they will bring resident evil back to the way it’s supposed to be for next installments

  • Victor

    Capcom needs to start making Resident Evil 7 point blank!!! All these inbetweens are cool but come on focus on the next installment.

  • Chip Draper

    ugh, I played this back in the day, and wasn’t really a fan, ZERO was the first one to totally jump the shark.. i felt like it was a random addition to the series and rightly so was treated like the bastardization it was. Not really looking forward to seeing Billy or Rebecca again or the slugs. Meh… I’d rather just play 7 orrrrrr a rebuilt RE2

  • Sick_skwerl

    Bring me my RE2 remaster now, please. I haven’t played it in over a decade.

    • Titchwolf Fenriz

      Id like that too but I think the reason they are doing the first and zero is because the majority of people didn’t know these existed. So I think if these get the needed attention they deserve then resident evil 2 will get the hd remaster treatment. Then who knows? maybe even resident evil 3 😀

  • Markus Tightpants

    Capcom needs to reboot this series. in the meantime they should remaster everything prior to RE 4.

    • Residentsteve01

      No reboot needed I love the series has it is now and if people don’t like it stop playing it

      • Justin

        If people who didn’t like it stopped playing it. There might be a total number of 20 players world wide. The franchise has been sinking for years. Silent Hill has gone down the same way. The reboot for Silent Hill both looks terrifying (and I don’t mean scary I mean a probable this is going to suck) and decent at the same time. At least Konami is putting effort unlike Capcom to try and change the formula – albeit, I think shameless celebrity endorsement/usage (Norman Reedus), Hollywood directors (Guillermo Del Toro) and that guy who wrote Metal Gear (can’t think of his name at the time but not a huge fan of his writings – he over uses speech – stories are alright though) is just a ploy and the game will possibly be the same formula. Resident Evil has held for nearly 20 years. In this progression the story just got silly. I like the later games and don’t detest them because they aren’t fun. I detest them because the story has hit nothing but points of canon. Not only that but the original (and even remake) was straight forward in story. It was original and had depth. Fast forward to RE4 – then the game just started acting aloof. The story no longer had discipline and although RE4 was good, hell even great maybe, every subsequent RE game has followed literally in it’s footsteps without any difference. The story just gets stupider! I like the idea of a reboot but releasing a remaster of a 2002 remake (which if you think about it was ALREADY a reboot that probably had saved the then already sinking franchise) so close to rebooting would be asinine in marketing. I was 8 years old at the release of the REmake. Now almost 21 and having done a wonderful first run (0 saves) in over 7 years – I realize now how magic the REmake was. It expanded the original and still held realistic story. Then I played 5 earlier today and now looking back. Let’s just add the 6 experience on top. Chris goes from realistic looking STARS (or whatever our real police equivalency is) squad member to beefed up body builder (RE5) to a pathetic less beefy drunk (RE6) with literally little to none explanation of these transitions. Yes, yes – I get his back story on 6 but that doesn’t justify it or make it any less cliché or stupid. The Resident Evil games at this stage in history I will compliment as fun, yes. But the lack of a cohesive story makes them nearly unenjoyable for new comers. Even with that said playing through the whole franchise you watch a solid built story melt. Realistically Resident Evil was dry after 3. The subsequent releases (although Gaiden was a wicked sweet GBC game) were just pointless as they are now. Perhaps the remaster of the REmake would in itself be a rereleased reboot. They can redo 2 and 3 while at it. Make changes and add cool things like they did from the original to the REmake. Do the same things to 2 and 3. Lastly – they need to stop the global stupidity crap. My god as much as I did like 5 for the gameplay. Seriously. It was like watching a bad Superman film WITHOUT Superman. Could the villains have been anymore cliché or anymore stock characters from horrible cheeses of old cinema? I have completely digressed. I agree with your standpoint of if you don’t like it don’t bitch and just not play BUT at the same time if they keep at it they will ruin what little life this franchise may have left. It can be saved but continuing it on its course down this path will who knows probably bankrupt Capcom. I just know one thing for certain. The films after the second were awful! Even the second was bad. It just had a moment or two that made it worthy. My final note I want to add: Capcom – save your sinking franchise. Hollywood – stop aiding in the sinking of franchises. If you want a damn film adaptation hire the writers of the GAME. Follow the story and also, please, no more direct to DVD sequels. They just insult us.

        • Residentsteve01

          Thats a lot to read, and you were 8 years old when you played the remake that’s 10 years to soon Iol.
          I’m 34 and resident evil is as good now as it ever was plus I love the change from survival horror to action adventure.
          I love the movies to but admit they are not everyones cup of tea.

  • TheAfricanFromCaptainPlanet

    Capcom needs to Get shinji mikami back in the office to make resident evil 7. I appreciate the upcoming remake of the first game to next gen, but seriously, it’s time to move on.

  • Ed

    RE2,RE3, Dino Crisis 1&2 for HDRemastered pls…can’t wait for these titles

  • Michael C. Thompson

    I’m not sure why people don’t understand how this works… Capcom isn’t going to remaster RE2 (yet) because it would cost an enormous amount of money. They basically need to recreate the entire game from scratch. An upscale of a Gamecube game is far simpler and far cheaper. That’s why 0 is coming first. That’s the only reason why.

    • Jay70

      It’s not really a money issue, it’s a time issue. Timing is very important to Capcom and before they announce RE7, they will be releasing HD versions of old games. RE HD was made so we can know Barry and get a feel of who Moria is. They hve already been working on HD ZERO, 2/3, and RE7. Capcom is made up of many teams, and each team is in charge of a different project. Capcom likes to keep us on our toes, but true fans can see the pattern.

      • Ian

        No… it’s a money issue. All they have to do to release Zero is make it HD, just like with the Resident Evil 1 Gamecube remake. Like he said, they’d have to start RE2 from scratch. Why do that when they can do a simple HD release of Zero instead. If you deny this, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Jay70

          No you don’t know what your silly ass is talking about. I haven’t been wrong yet. You think it’s that simple? Your clearly simple! I get my info from within the capcom community. The damn project was already started. So regardless if it’s time or money, it’s going to be released this year. Hurray ass breath for trying to be a save-a-hoe! end of discussion NEXT!

          • Ian


    • Ian

      Someone gets it.

  • Justin

    Just throwing this out there… but… it doesn’t look a thing like the 0 icon. It’s the eye in the box from the GC Remake. People are either blind, desperate, retarded or all three. I loved 0 don’t get me wrong. I’ve been begging for it and a port of REmake for years. But this is just misleading. For the love of god people look at the damn picture. Then look at the home menu if you have REmake. All these articles got my hopes up for nothing. I’m not saying it won’t happen but just going to throw this out there don’t believe the Internet crap. This is about as real as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Vita. A total huge load of BS.

    • Jay70

      You speak of opinion and not of knowledge.

  • BAD ADSc

    Make this happen, people are calling for it.
    1 is done now do 2 and 3.
    Its been great going back to the original resident evil. Id also like to see code veronica on xbox one and ps4.
    Not bothered about 4 5 and 6

  • Jay70

    They are remaking zero so new fans can know the story of Rebecca and Billy. One of the two must be returning for RE7. They did RE HD so that we can know who Barry is. Due to the fact that Moria will be making her first appearance in Resident Evil Rev2. Simple explanation on why zero is coming before 2.

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